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Is 4 cities in 11 days to much.

We are flying into Rome and staying for 5 nights. We will have a train pass for day trips. From Rome we go to Vernazza for 3 days of hiking and relaxing at an air BNB in CT. From there, we go to Milan for 1 night as my wife wants to see The Last Supper. We have jump the line reservations already, as it sells out quick. After Milan we spend one night in Venice, and leave the next afternoon for the states, from Venice Is this reasonable ,or to much?

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Well it sounds like it is all booked already, no?
I would not bother going anywhere for a day, but if it works for you, go for it.

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You sound like me and like busy days. My wife and I usually pack our days like that and we love it, so to me it seems reasonable. You may be disappointed with only one night in Venice, it's spectacular. But it's worth another trip on its own to spend 2-4 days and add some day trips to places like Verona.

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You basically are traveling to Venice to fly to US from it. It sounds like a done deal or would suggest you skip Venice altogether and fly out of Milan instead.

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If you haven't already bought the rail pass, check prices for your planned trips on before proceeding. Buying point-to-point tickets will almost certainly be much cheaper than a pass. The ticket prices include any mandatory seat-reservation fees, which you will have to pay for separately if you are traveling with a pass. However, the cheapest point-to-point tickets will be non-refundable/non-changeable, so you must be absolutely certain of your itinerary before proceeding.

These are the rail stations you will be using:

Roma Termini
Milano Centrale
Venezia S. Lucia

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I'd flip your trip around as flying out of Venice usually is an early AM flight, and movement towards the airport can be a're on an island remember. I'd cut Rome to 3/4-nts and put those nights onto Venice, balance-out your itinerary.

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You're 5 nights in Rome is okay. But you're bypassing Florence, a very important city. Many would skip Milan for another night in Venice and fly home from there.

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4 cities is not ideal for 11 days. You will be in a rush every place you go and not have time to savor priceless moments in each city, 4 is not good so just plan for 3.

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“Is this reasonable, or too much?” Well, I would say that is a question best asked before you lock in reservations, not after. My response is that while your itinerary is feasible, the first 8 days/nights is very reasonable, but your last 48 hours are, in my opinion, not reasonable. Your question indicates that you are aware that you will have a very hectic conclusion to your trip, including considerable hours in transit, plus checking in and out of lodging, getting to and from train stations and an airport, and waiting for trains, vaporetti and planes. I hope you will travel light, and get some relaxation on those train rides.

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Nice plan, but a second day in Venice would be more rewarding than your fourth day in Rome.

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It's her trip, of course, but I don't understand why your wife is prioritizing The Last Supper over all the wonderful art in Florence.

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andrew.reis - oh, right, there are NO da Vincis in Florence (Uffizi - Annunciation, Adoration of the Magi, self portrait, sketches)

wspfldma - if you're in Milan "one night" for the Last Supper, write out a calendar with all the travel times penciled in.

It is nearly 4 hours by train to get to Milan. It is also nearly 4 hours to get form Milan to Venice.
Add the time to get to/from the "hotel" and you'll be hard pressed for useful time in Venice.

I have a friend that did a day trip from Milan to Venice (lots of train time in one day). But you could cut the CT stay shorter by one day, go striaght to Venice and "day trip" to Milan for the Last Supper? (or some derivation)

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Thanks for all the help. We did eliminate Milan, for an extra night in Venice. We will check out the city to city rail service rather than a rail pass.

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I would have skipped the hiking, you can do that anywhere, but Italy is about history, art and culture.

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Too bad you eliminated Milan. Seeing The Last Supper is a once in a lifetime experience. I agree with geovagriffith, the CT isn't worth than one day, you can hike anywhere. FWIW