iPhone/iPad Apps for Travel in Italy

Ok, I admit it...I am a complete geek and love using apps for all kinds of things. I am wondering if anyone has recommendations for travel apps (especially those that can be used offline) for travel in Italy. We will be in Venice, Florence, Rome and Milan. Looking for maps, guides to restaurants etc. I have downloaded the Uffizi official app, an Italian translator app and Occhio Go Venezia so far. Any suggestions?

Posted by Sheron
Alta Loma, CA, USA
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Hi Lisa. I love the tripit app for my Itouch. It allows you to input all of your pertinent trip details into a central place & then access it when abroad. I input all my trip info on-line & then access it via the app on my Itouch. I put all of our flight info in it, all of our hotel details (names, addresses, ph#'s, check-in times, etc.), etc. It allows you to build a nice itinerary with all the information at your fingertips. I also print out a copy & give it to my folks so they know where we are in case of an emergency.

Posted by Susan
Huntington Beach, CA
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Venice2go is a great one which we enjoyed-can be used offline. Also don't forget to download the Rick Steves audio guides. They are great!!

Posted by Lee
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Michelin Restaurants. We used the one for France and liked it; there's one for Italy, too. Works with the GPS to find restaurants nearby and provides reviews and map directions. No data feed required.
Skype for making cheap calls when you have good wifi.

Posted by Debra
Los Angeles, CA, USA
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The one I used the most on my last trip was Cartographer. I could make my custom maps on google with sites and especially restaurants and then download it onto the cartographer app so that i could access the maps even without any wifi. Then wherever I was, I could whip out my itouch and find a restaurant that was on my researched list and see if there were special sights, shops, etc. wherever I was if I wanted something to do. Well worth the purchase price. I made a map for each city and used it extensively in all. Also I always thought I was a guidebook fan but I did use Rick's pocket guide to Naples/Amalfi coast for Kindle quite extensively and I would consider doing that instead of all paper books from now on. The Lonely Planet apps are good too. also Rick's free app with the audio walking tours is very handy and he has tours for many of Italy's biggest sights.