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What are the best apps to download for Rome, Florence and Tuscany? We've got Rick Steve's book on Italy, but we'd like to have something on our phones also. Any ideas? Trip Advisor doesn't rate really well. So, I"m open to other ideas. I don't think that Rick Steve's has one. Susan

Posted by Ken
Vernon, Canada
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Susan, Rick Steves has an extensive number of free Apps in the iTunes store, including his Audio Europe app, Podcasts, many short videos and audio tours (most of them are free). There was also an Ancient Rome app, but I haven't been able to find it on the website or iTunes store lately (I know it exists as I have it on my iPhone). The "Travel" section in the iTunes store has LOTS of apps. Could you clarify what type of Apps you have in mind - Metro, language translation or other? Cheers!

Posted by Karen
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I use Evernote to keep copies of Reservations, interesting RS Helpline threads, train schedules, map screen prints, etc. Costs $5.00 a month, but I think it's worth it. We've used on two previous trips and will use again next month. Came in really handy in Costa Rica about a year ago when a car rental agency was charging us $200 more than the quote. Pulled it up quickly from Evernote, showed to the counter, and they corrected the amount owed. It's easier than searching in email or having hard copies of everything. You can create folders, and tags within the folders to keep everything organized. Today I found an Argriturismo.It app. Has anyone used this? Looks good to find an Argiturismo on short notice based on either your current location, or near your search location.
Have also downloaded my bank apps, so I can check balances on occasion, to make sure nothing has been compromised.

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Susan, if I'm reading your question correctly, it sounds like you're wanting some sort of a guidebook-type app. I don't know of any good guide apps but you could always download Rick's guidebook itself into a Kindle app for your Iphone. As for an app that I love, it's called Tripit. I've used it for years now and it lets you add all of your travel details (flight info, hotel reservation info (addresses, rates, etc.), activity details, etc. into your itinerary & therefore you consolidate all of that data in one place. I add all the info into my itinerary at the tripit.com website & then before I leave home, I open the app on my Iphone & it downloads everything into the app therefore I can access it without a wifi connection when I'm in Italy. It's really handy & you can even print out hard copies of your itinerary to include as much or as little detail as you desire & pack a hard copy in your luggage &/or leave copies with loved ones at home so they'll have all of your details in case of an emergency. I'm the travel planner in my relationship & if something happened to me during the trip, my husband would have no idea what/when our flights are or where we're going next so this way, he can access any necessary info in the app on his Ipad when we're traveling. I use the free version of Tripit & don't pay for anything extra. Happy travels.

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This Susan read that Susan's question differently (of course, some would accuse this Susan of being a bit different...)
For my trip to London, I downloaded Hopstop (for help with Transportation) Free Wi-Fi, and Days Out London. These were for real time, on the ground decisions to supplement guidebooks and be a bit more portable. (I also use TripIt and Evernote for prior planning). Is this the direction you were headed, other-Susan? I'll be in Florence during the summer and the only app I've downloaded is EatFlorence. I'd also be interested in hearing about good apps.

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Hidden Rome Free, City Walks Lite Rome & Triposo Rome

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Hi, we have iphones and I found a couple of apps that we will be using that work offline. 1. offmaps2 I beleive you get one free downloaded map with the app, then you can purchase more if you like for other destinations. It isn't gps guided, but the maps look good and are all offline. 2. mtrip ..this app, you can create an rough itinerary, it has a small translation dictionary in it as well as maps, info on attractions, shopping, restaurants, hotels, etc. It also has a journal, currency converter, subway map etc. 3. I also added tripit. I have put all my flight, hotel and train info into it, so it is easily accessible and all in one place. 4. Blogger. I have created a personal travel blog that I can upload pictures and keep a small journal of our day to reflect on. I thought it would be a great souvenir as well as family can log on from home and see how we are doing and where we are. I plan of updating it from wifi locations. The Blog is easy to set up from your computer at home and everything is sinced with your phone. Good luck, have a great trip

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Thanks for all the gret apps ideas. Please keep them coming. I've installed and paid for the upgraded version of Evernote and it is fabulous for organizing everything we need we for the trip as well, as everything else. What a great product.