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IMO - skip Capri, stay in Sorrento and take a boat trip to Amalfi coast

We stayed in Sorrento for 5 nights in the heart of Sorrento and it was lovely. I would recommend eating at the "snack bar" by the top of the lift as you get an awesome view and totally reasonable food and drink. We did a day trip to Capri that was a waste of the day. The public buses were slow as we spent about half of our time waiting for buses. We were not interested in the blue grotto so maybe if that is your thing, it is worth it. We were supposed to take a van ride to the Amalfi coast but the road was closed due to a rock slide so we pivoted and took a private boat tour with a max of 10 people and were so happy that we did that. The cost was twice as much as the van but it was so worth it. I cannot imagine sitting in the van for hours only to get to Positano and Amalfi which were extremely crowded. We stayed at Corso 38 - - small B&B - we made our reservation direct and paid cash for our room and save 150 euro. Corso 38 is located in the best area, IMO and we ate at Taverna Dell'800 which was our best meal in Sorrento.

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We were there last week - Wed, 6/19 - Monday, 6/24. We had an open day and used it on our first day because it was so hot. We were able to cancel the van trip due to the road closure. The company offered to drive another way but we said no and the owners of Corso 38 arranged the boat trip for us.

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I wonder if the rock slide has been cleared up

Fortunately we’ve been to the AC and have no need to return-2019. it was busy for sure but I don’t think near as crazy as post pandemic
We also really enjoyed Sorrento and will return there
Same as you we enjoyed a boat ride around Capri much more than our time on the island

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My friend is from Naples and we spent a day in Capri last year and loved it (she was laughing that she was the only Italian there with all Americans). We walked all around and had a wonderful day. I plan on taking my daughter and spending a few days there. Everyone likes different things which is a good thing! I spend half the year in Italy so have the opportunity to see many gems that most people won't see but sometimes I like to visit something like Capri.

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We also skipped the Blue Grotto, because it is a notorious time-suck, and can get cancelled for rough water transfers to the tiny boat that enters the grotto. We walked about 5 miles on Capri, and ignored the tiny busses when we saw their size and low frequency of service. The fact is that VAST parts of the island are 100% pedestrianized, so even a chartered taxicab could not show you everything. We found the day worthwhile, if hot, sunny, and tiring. Capri is much nicer than Sorrento, a purpose-built, postwar, reinforced concrete resort-town. But we were glad to sleep five nights there because it is so good a spot to begin daytrips.

This newsboard makes it clear that boat views onto the Amalfi Coast (including scheduled ferries) provide wonderful views. Because of its upscale resort reputation, visiting Positano briefly was important to me. I was unimpressed, except for the views.

From May to September, you can expect the public SITA bus from Sorrento to Positano/Amalfi to have more people waiting for it than will fit on the next half-hourly departure. This area is a victim of its success.