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iHealth proctored Covid test for return to the U.S.

Today I completed my iHealth proctored test and submitted it to the airline for travel tomorrow.

Why iHealth? I just happened to have those in my bags because I brought them from home to use on the trip. I did a Google search for 'iHealth proctored test' and found that they have the service available. I made sure I had the correct kit (the website goes over that) and made my appointment.

I got an email 24 hours before my test appointment as a reminder, and another email at the appointment time. I had my remote camera set up and logged in using Google Chrome (the website said that the the only platform supported by their program).

I logged in and their program did a camera/sound check. I showed my passport as identification, they watched me do the test (swabbing, etc.) and then I had to keep the camera on the test card for the 15 minutes. There was a timer on their program. When the timer expired, I clicked the box and the proctor came back on. They asked for my identification again, and emailed me the results - which were negative.

Simple. Their website explained it all clearly. I guess I am going home!

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Did you use a laptop? I have these tests but wasn’t planning on using them for travel since I don’t bring a computer with me and their website says computer only. I use the binax tests which can be done on a iphone. It would be nice to have another option, the binax tests come in way too large a package for my taste?

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Their website indicated that a laptop or desktop is required. They indicated that their program does not support phones or tablets.