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If u need a place to stay in italy read this info.

THere is a great B&B and apartment booking service in Rome, Florence and Venice. It is It is owned and operated by an American couple living in Rome. You can usually stay cheaper in a B&B or apartment through their website and it's much better than a hotel. Check them out, I have used them many times and they are great. They are also in Ricks Steves book on Italy. They also run a wonderful hotel/hostel near the Termini train station in Rome called the Beehive. Once you stay with them you will never want to stay anywhere else in Rome, Venice or Florence.

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Dear Mark:
Where were you LAST WEEK when I could have used this?!?!?!

Just kidding, but I wish I had known about this before I put deposits on all of my apartments in Rome and Venice. I took a quick look, and the prices are very good.

I'll save this link for my next trip...

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The post wouldn't go through for me..........What is the name of the company..... Marilee

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Mark!!!! Grazie mille!!! This was a fantastic tip! I had been searching around for a convent stay in September but not having much luck getting reservations...or anything in the city center for a decent price. As a solo traveler, I'm really happy with what they have on this website! I requested a reservation. Thank you!

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Hi Mark,

We booked two of three rooms at Moretti House using cross you or anyone you know stayed's right next to Termini Station...and was wondering if that's a mistake!!