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If I test positive for Covid while in Italy...

I'm fully vaccinated, traveling to Italy with my Mom in two weeks- we have ordered the "at home/E-med tests" to take before our flight back to the States, they include the e-visit where someone verifies you took the test properly. My question: if one of us, or both, were to test positive for Covid- does anyone know the requirements for quarantine? Can I quickly move us to a nicer hotel with room service? Or are we stuck where we're at? Are there government mandated hotels for the quarantine period?

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You will be the only people who know you tested positive. The video proctors for eMed are in the Philippines and have no idea where in the world you are, and they have no desire, obligation or interest in sharing your results with local authorities. It will be entirely up to you to decide how you would want to handle any potential quarantine (I'm sure people here will be glad to tell you what you should do).

I would automatically assume the test gave me a false positive and would take the test again to verify. The beauty of the eMed 6 pack is you have more tests at your disposal.

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False positives are so rare it’s basically not a possibility.

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If one of you is positive you have to respect the 10 days of quarantine. You should inform immediately the local Authority (ASL) about where you want to spend the quarantine. In any city there are hotels arranged for quarantine, but in fact any hotel with room service of private flat is suitable. The ASL usually has a list of suitable hotels. To reach the location for quarantine you cannot use public transport, only private car or taxi.
Anybody in contact with you should respect the same quarantine.