I'm Back - New Itinerary - Need Suggestions!

After much deliberation on a new itinerary (after you guys told me I was too aggressive on the last one - which I agree), I have come up with the following ... (remember I fly into either Milan or Rome on standby with Continental air, there is no negotiating on a free flight). Let me mention that it's possible we arrive in either Milan or Rome, but we will almost 100% be leaving from Milan to go back to the USA (based on flight loads):

Landing in MXP (Milano):
Day 1 - Arrive Milan 8 AM, transfer via train to Venice (arrive 3:30ish)
Day 2 - Venice
Day 3 - Venice until 1:00ish, transfer via air to Naples (3:10-4:30), Sorrento to sleep
Day 4 - Amalfi Coast
Day 5 - Amalfi Coast early, Pompeii on the way to Rome
Day 6 - Rome
Day 7 - Rome
Day 8 - Rome to Tuscany (train, not sure where to get off and rent a car, maybe Orvieto?), sleep Tuscany
Day 9 - Tuscany
Day 10 - Florence (via Tuscany train, sleep Tuscany still)
Day 11 - Florence and/or Tuscany
Day 12 - Cinque Terre
Day 13 - Cinque Terre - transfer to Milan in evening, sleep Milan
Day 14 - Milan to USA

Landing in FCO (Roma):
Day 1 - Arrive Rome 8 AMish, Rome
Day 2 - Rome
Day 3 - Rome
Day 4 - Pompeii, Arrive Sorrento, Sleep Sorrento
Day 5 - Amalfi Coast
Day 6 - Amalfi Coast/Sorrento, Flight from Naples 5:00-6:15ish to Venice
Day 7 - Venice
Day 8 - Venice, early transfer Florence, Florence
Day 9 - Florence
Day 10 - Tuscany
Day 11 - Tuscany
Day 12 - Transfer Cinque Terre
Day 13 - Cinque Terre - transfer Milano in evening, sleep Milano
Day 14 - Milano to USA

What do you guys think off either plan? Any suggestions? What might be the best way to rent a car in Tuscany coming from Rome, coming from Florence?

Thanks again - Brian

Posted by Larry
Elk Grove, CA, USA
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Brian, is the 5:00-6:15ish to Venice AM or PM on your Landing in FCO plan? It will take you close to 4hrs. to get from Sorrento to FCO for a flight (I'm assuming FCO). Add 1hr if you are in Positano. Add 2hrs of check in time for your flight and you have an idea of when you need to leave the area to make your flight.

On the same plan, if your flight out of Milan is before 11:00am, you won't make it from the CT in time. We worked this out a few times on this site for other posters. The earliest train out of the CT is about 5:19am from Monterosso. On that train, it's a 3.0hr ride. Then, you have about 1.5hrs to transfer to the bus and ride to MXP. Then, you have to be there about 2.5hrs early for check in. If you're flight departs after noon, you have a much better chance.

Posted by Brian
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Thanks for looking this over. Actually, both flights (from Venice to Naples on MXP, or NAPLES to Venice on FCO) are through Naples. This will give us huge benefits in saving time, so we were really happy to identify that opportunity. The FCO Naples to Venice is 5:00 PM to 6:15 PM.

The C.T. to Milan connection will be on Day 13 in the evening, where we fly out the next morning from Milan, so there shouldnt be any problems there (fingers crossed).

Posted by Brian
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I do realize that we have quite a stand in the Tuscany area (we are looking at villas in Chianti and Certaldo - we found a decent one there). But part of this trip does need to be relaxing since we are on the move so much).

I am considering another night in C.T. so that Day 12 there is a FULL day, not partial.


Posted by mike
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You are still sqeezing in alot in 2 weeks. All of your destinations really require a week apiece, and you will spend most of the day each time you change locations. Rent a car at the town closest to your overnight destination. Most car rental places are near the train station.

Posted by Dan
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Brian, if you do stay in Certaldo, make sure you visit the cafe on the right side of the main street toward the cathedral that puts designs on the top of their cappucino drinks, very creative. Saw Certaldo as part of our Village Italy tour, was a lovely small town, and we were the ONLY tourists around. Took the funicular up to the upper town. Enjoy!

Posted by Frank
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Before posting a replying note that the posting is nearly six years old. Brian probably long gone.