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I could use help with my 1-2 day trip to the Amolfi Coast

We will be in Italy the first half of October and I was thinking of taking the bullet train from Rome Termini to Salerno (my understanding is there is a non-stop train) either Sunday evening or Monday morning and then walking the short distance to the ferry to go to Amalfi; stay in Amalfi town 1 or 2 nights and returning the same way. I found a hotel in Amalfi not far from the train station and near the port. We have been to Positano and Ravello briefly in the past, but we may still want to go there and could do that by ferry, but we may just enjoy hanging out in Amalfi - not sure.

Or....we take the train to Naples and the ferry to Sorrento and stay there 1 or 2 nights and from there take the ferry to visit Amalfi and perhaps Positano and Ravello or even Capri.

I know everyone says we need a driver, but this seems very doable to me. Am I missing something? Last time we were visiting we did have a driver and I think he drove us to Ravello and Positano so I am familiar with the drive. I would really appreciate your thoughts!!!!

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Sounds like a plan to me. Ravello has to be reached by car or bus. And there is not train station in Amalfi, just a bus depot (near the port).
If you want to be on the Amalfi side, I see no reason to stay in Sorrento.
With two nights, you will have one full day--Capri is a full day thing, so I would enjoy the closer attractions myself. I would nto bother for less than two nights for sure.

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We enjoyed our time in Amalfi and also Ravello. I would highly recommend spending more time in Ravello and the Amalfi Duomo is quite an interesting visit. .

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With such a limited amount of time, it's best to avoid relying on ferries since they can be unpredictable & cancelled due to rough seas. You can take the Circumvesuviana train from Naples to Sorrento. If you want to visit Amalfi, you can take a public bus from the Sorrento train station, but get there early in the morning.

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20 posts I hearing you say I'm better off going from Rome to Sorrento rather than Salerno via the train? And then taking the ferry or bus to visit the amalfi coast? Because of the fast train to Salerno, that seemed to make more sense, but maybe I"m missing something.

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I think Salerno is still the better choice if your goal is to visit Amalfi
If ferries are not running you still have the bus option

Sorrento is not on the AC and requires more transits/ more travel time especially to Amalfi