How to secure small camera in Rome from pickpockets

I understand the pickpockets are very tricky in Rome, and understand the need to use a money belt or money pouch. But how does everyone secure their small hand-size cameras or smart phones? I see lots of photos posted on Trip Advisor, so somehow people are not losing their cameras! Advice? Thanks. SuzieeQQ
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Posted by donna
cranberry twp, PA, United States
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If your camera has a wrist strap you should use it. For smart phones, if you're in a very crowded situation or people approach you out of the blue just put your hand in your pocket that you have it in. If you have a small bag that you'll be carrying it in then just put the bag in the front of your body with your arm across it. Pick pockets are criminals of opportunity. If you look like you're aware of your surroundings and will make a bad or hard target they will leave you alone. Donna

Posted by Frank
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They are good but a camera or iphone in a secured pocket is safe. A camera in a case attached to a belt (more common with males) is not secure. I have a couple of big front pockets. If you put it in a day bag make sure the zippers are secured and you keep it in front in crowd situations such as a bus. Mostly the pickpockets want money and billfold. Cameras are not that useful.

Posted by donna
cranberry twp, PA, United States
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I disagree that a camera or phone in a pocket is safe. It's no safer than a wallet in a pocket. I would never carry a camera in a camera bag attached to my belt. I would put in a should bag and carry it across my body, especially when in crowded situations. These are just my opinions and the way I do things but everyone is different. You should do what you feel comfortable doing. Donna

Posted by S Jackson
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Nothing that is the least bit valuable is safe in a pocket. I carry my small camera in a camera case that my belt slides through. The camera is then around my waist just to the left of centre. It's a zipped case, so awkward to undo. And, if it's not in the case, it's in my hand with the strap around my wrist; but that's really so that I, who am very clumsy, don't drop it!
I'm female; and my tshirt or top is over top of the case.

Posted by Roberto
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Pick pockets primarily operate in crowded buses or metro (subway). Anywhere else it's unlikely you have to worry.
Do you really need a smart phone with you? Watch for the data roaming charges, though. My wife got slapped with $600 charges for data roaming in two weeks in Italy and she never used it. i leave it at home and travel with my old piece of junk.

Posted by David
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Pickpockets are after cash, not charge cards, for the most part. A charge card has your name on it, and that's proof of a crime. They'll throw your empty billfold down in front of you and announce to you in perfect English--"Is that yours?" Then they'll disappear.
Yes, you should secure items of worth under your clothes or in zippered pockets.

Posted by Michael Schneider
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"...Pick pockets primarily operate in crowded buses or metro (subway)...." Not so, they operate anywhere there are lots of tourists, be it above ground, underground, inside, or outside.