How to get to Cinque Terre via train

Hey folks! We are currently in Austria and are considering going to Cinque Terre but are having a hard time figuring out how to get down there. We have a Eurail Global Pass and would like to take a night train down to the area. We can depart from either Vienna or Munich. Any suggestions?

Posted by Ken
Vernon, Canada
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Christina, Travelling from Munich would probably be easier and faster. Are you planning to stay in the Cinque Terre for a few days? As you want to take a night train, one of the easiest trips would likely be a departure from Munich at 21:03, arriving Monterosso at 10:44 (time 13H:41M, one change at Firenze SMN at 06:18, reservations compulsory for first leg, Sleeper or Couchette fees probably not covered by your Railpass). I used Monterosso as the destination since you didn't specify which of the five towns you wanted to start in. You can research train details at the website. Happy travels!