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How to get from Siena train station to Duomo

Hi we were wondering what we should plan for getting from train station to Duomo area in Siena.

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I walked.

Beware that there are a lot of hills in Siena but some streets aren't that hilly. Just looking at a map the 'shortest' route may involve going way down and then back up again whereas a slightly 'longer' route will be relatively flat. But you want to walk around Siena anyway, it's a gorgeous town.

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Consider taking the bus to Siena, instead of the train, if possible. The bus stop, on Piazza Gramsci, is closer to the city cerner.

There are signs, posted on buildings, directing you to the Duomo, Piazza del Campo, etc.

Enjoy your time in beautiful Siena!

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Either take the escalators and then walk it, or grab a taxi ... costs about 15 Euro for the one-way trip.

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If you're just going to Siena as a day trip (ie: not hauling luggage), you can use the Escalators or Bus as previously mentioned. If you're going to be staying there (and hauling luggage), I'd suggest using a Taxi. At my age, I prefer to use a Taxi in either case.

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An alternative would be the frequent local bus. Buy tickets at the shop at the station (if the have them - they are often sold out) or if it is open at a small ticket office in the station (not the railways ticket office).

Bus stop is across the road and about 200 yards to the left of the station.

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Another vote here for the taxi. So much easier and you get to see parts of the city you would otherwise never see.