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How to get a Euro Cheque in Rome (need right away)

Help! We're traveling to Rome on September 18th, rented an apartment and put down a credit card deposit but are required to bring a Euro cheque of 300 for security deposit(which will be handed back at checkout). Can we get this cheque at the Rome airport (FCO) where we plan to use the ATM or should we try to get it in US before we leave? I can't find this information anywhere.

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I'm not sure you would be able to get one at the airport. From my experience they are just money changers at the airport and not fully fledge banks. I personally would get one from your bank in the US. At least you will know it is done and you can relax about it.

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You will not be able to get a check at the airport or from an ATM -- don't exist. Will they accept a US check for $400 or make it $500. The problem with getting a Euro based check in the US is that your bank will issue an International Cashier's Check, deduct it from your account, and these checks are expensives. Then you will have to have it cancelled later and returned to your account. I am sure you can go to a Rome bank and buy the equilvent of a money order but again a cancallation problem. I think I would just offer cash. Cash has to be better than any check. A tough nut with no good answers. They must not be in the habit of renting to Americans

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That is a tough one. I've never encountered that. I've stayed in many very small very out of the way places - those that required deposits took the CC number even if payment was required in cash.

When you find your answer - post it so we all can learn in case we encounter it someday.

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Thanks everyone for your input. I did not find an answer but contacted the agency again explaining my problem and this time, they said cash would be fine- so I'm going with that. I wish they would have been more clear in the beginning but I'm glad it worked out. I'm very excited for the trip- FYI- we are staying in an apartment on Campo de' Fiori arranged by