How much time do we need to get to Milano Central train station?

We will be staying for one night at Hotel Dei Cavalieri in Milan and will need to catch a 12:00PM train from Milano Central to Venice. How much time should we allow to get to the Milano Central train station on time? Also Does anyone know what bus(es) should we catch? Thanks for your help in advance.

Posted by Roberto
Fremont, CA, USA
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Take the Metro (subway) in the same Piazza Missori where your hotel is. The station is called Missori (obviously). You will take the yellow line no. 3 toward the direction "Comasina". Get off at "Centrale" (5 stops). It's a 10 min ride. Add another 5 min to go upstairs to the trains. The metro is frequent, at most you'll be waiting for 5 min. If the train at centrale originates in Milan, it will be available for boarding about 20 min prior to departure. You should board it at least 5 min prior to departure. 30 sec. before departure doors close.

Posted by Eileen
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Be warned - this is a huge station! Allow yourself time to walk through it, and hopefully some time to appreciate the recent refurbishing. If you reverse Roberto's advice and take his route TO your hotel, everything will be familiar to you on your trip back to the station.

Posted by Lan
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Eileen and Roberto,
Thank you so much for your help.