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How long is the train ride from Venice to Florence, Florence to Rome

Hi there,

A few quick questions as I am finalizing the sequence of my trip to Italy, which by the way, I just cannot wait till september when I will be there!!

  1. How long does it take to travel by train from Venice to Florence?
  2. And how long would it take to travel from Florence to Rome?
  3. How long would it take me travel by train from Cinque Terre to Rome?

My current sequence is Venice--> Florence--> Cinque Terre--> Rome. (Its a 11 day trip). If I had to do this by train, would you change the sequence of Florence and Cinque terre to save time?

Should I fly or go by train?

Any good suggestions on how I can book train rides online?

Thanks much in advance

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Easiest thing to do is to go to the rail site and go to the rail information section on the right hand side menu and click on european timetable. Put in the cities you want to travel to and from and the dates and all the info will come up. Stations, times, types of trains, stops etc. I always use this to help me plan my travels.

I'd go by train. I flew Venice to Rome in March and it took me almost as long as the train by the time I got to the airport, went through security, plane was late and then got from the airport to Rome.

I would also change your sequence to Florence as your third stop otherwise you are backtracking and wasting time.

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As above, I would suggest Venice, the CT and then Florence. You'll save a couple of hours. The Venice/CT leg will take about 5.5hrs to 6.5hrs depending on which trains you get on. Note: make sure you select Venezia Santa Lucia and not Venezia Mestre. In the morning, many of the high speed Eurostars leave from Mestre and you have to take a regional from Santa Lucia and change trains. The CT to Florence is about 2.5 hrs. Florence to Rome is 1.5hrs to 2.5hrs. The Eurostar will give you the 1.5 hrs. Press the link to see a sample schedule.

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You can get both timetables and fares at, the English version of the official Italian rail site. Use European spellings: Venezia Santa Lucia (Venice), Firenze (Florence), Roma (Rome), and whichever Cinque Terre town you wish.

There is no need to book your tickets online. Go to the station in Venice a day or two before you're ready to leave and use the automatic ticket machines to buy tickets for either just your next trip or for all of them at once.