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How long for train refunds?

Sadly, we canceled our Italy trip and have requested our refundable train fares from Trenitalia. The email says “refund accepted” but it’s been since last Friday, and still no refund. Is this pretty normal?

Thanks all.

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TravelisFun, it took about 6 months before we got our refund in 2020. I got the notice of the refund in mid-June, and got the refund in late December.

That was through PayPal; it may be different if you used your credit card. And of course, 2020 was hardly a normal year.

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I had to cancel a few times and each time I received my refund within a week. I purchased the tickets with Trenitalia.

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Thanks. It seems like it could be anytime from now to six months from now. I’ll keep waiting.

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We had Trenitalia tickets for 3 days of train travel in May 2020. When we had to cancel the trip due to the pandemic, we were first issued a "bonus" (i.e. vouchers) to be used for future train ticket purchases. We asked to have the vouchers applied to our credit card, which was approved.

We got a refund on our credit card for Regionale tickets fairly quickly, but it's been over a year and we're still waiting for credit card refunds for our Intercity and Frecciarossa tickets. We've contacted Trenitalia about once a month, and get a different story each time. The latest story they gave us is that they're way behind due to the volume of refund requests from last year, but that we will eventually get our refunds. At this point I don't believe anything Trenitalia says, and we won't be using Trenitalia any more if and when we can get back to Italy - we usually travel between main cities, so we'll try Italo next time we need to take the train.