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How is Italy in mid-November?

My wife and I are planning a two-week trip to Italy in mid November (leave Seattle around the 9th/10th and fly home around the 24th). It's a little later in the year than we'd like, however it is pretty convenient in that it encompasses a couple of work holidays that won't require additional vacation time.

What can we expect from the weather. We're looking at flying into Venice and out of Rome and making our way through the country in between over this time.

My guess is that we won't find places overrun with tourists and the trade off will be less than ideal weather.

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Exactly what I was going to say--no crowds and less than ideal weather. We never waited in a line anywhere. Some of our days were sunny and warm and some were wet and cold--like Missouri, the weather in Italy in November is difficult to predict. The weather never slowed us down a bit! Plan to layer clothes since a day could start out chilly and become much warmer, and take a coat and an umbrella. You will encounter aqua alta in Venice; pack shoes that can get wet. The main tourist areas will have raised sidewalks out for tourists to walk on, although you only need these walkways during high tide. The rest of the time, low-lying areas, like St. Mark's square, will be puddle-y. I would take the mediocre weather in place of the crowds any day!

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I agree with Elizabeth's comments. We were in Italy a few years ago in late October to early November. Venice was a bit cool and damp. Should feel like home if you're from the Pacific Northwest. Although we were lucky enough to not have to wade through the aqua alta in Venice. Rome varied from short-sleeve weather to requiring several layers.

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You have made a great choice / trade off! The crowds drop off a lot after Oct, although Venice always seems full during the day. A light jacket or fleece will suffice.

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Thanks everyone.
I think for a variety of reasons it's a good choice for us. The weather shouldn't slow us down, being from Seattle. It sounds pretty similar to what we'd have if we stayed home - except we wouldn't be in Italy...
We did London and Paris in mid-March 2005 and it was quite cold although we lucked out and didn't have any rain. We still covered at least 10 miles each day on foot and got by with silk thermals under lightweight pants with a good jacket.
The one downside is the reduced daylight, but from the sounds of things, Italy comes alive at night anyhow.