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How Do i Dress For Monte Carlo?

My boyfriend and I are traviling to Monte Carlo for his buisness as an apprication on how well he's done this year, so its more plesure then work. Where going In mid August, and I'm not really sure how europen women dress and im really nervous that im going to be under dressed. How should i dress during the day and evening?

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I always find both men and women in Monte Carlo to be dressed like e.g. the upper class in LA, Beverly Hills. You can perfectly wear some short khakis, polo shirt etc. during the day. Basically everything A&F, Banana Republic etc. In the evenings it depends on where you're going. For the casino men need black tie and women dress accordingly. In regular restaurants some good khakis, polo shirts, leather shoes do...

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Dress in black , wear a minimum of accessories and you will look great no matter where you go

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For men, almost any shirt, but a jacket really helps, or a really good lightweight sweater. It doesn't matter the cost, just the unique 'look'. We did not anticipate and felt underdressed. Also, don't walk about gaping and looking. Locals go forth with a purpose. So should you.

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Almost everywhere in Europe you will feel underdressed if you're in a Tshirt. A day dress is a safe bet any day.