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Hotels in Naples

Does anyone have a recommendation? I have booked the Sofitel but some have said it is in an unsafe area. We travel a lot, so I recognize that "unsafe" to one might just be part of the trip to another. I would like to be near the archaeological museum since I plan to spend a day there. Thanks.

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You mean this one?
It's in the middle of the historic center,

Not's at the upper edge. Regardless, I agree that the area is full of narrow alleys and very close quarters.......but I stayed there for 5 days/6 nights and didn't think it was unsafe or dangerous at all. I agree that I'd been warned about it (and that's why I chose a hotel rather than a short-stay apartment as I did in the rest of Italy), but when I was actually there, I didn't feel unsafe at all - neither my person nor my possessions. Of course, by then I'd been in Italy over 2 weeks (and 3 cities), and was used to sharing narrow streets with cars and motorcycles. Everyone in the old city seemed to live part of their day out on the street, either sitting in piazzas with friends, grabbing a quick bite from a take-away restaurant, or window shopping on an after-dinner stroll.

That said, it's not really near the archaeological museum, but not far either.........your hotel, like mine was, is about a 10-15 minute walk away. I enjoyed the walk, but - different strokes.

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We wanted a little luxury, and plenty of air conditioning, which were provided by the Hotel Palazzo Decumani. The same company runs some other gut-renovation palazzo hotels. I personally never felt the slightest fear of street crime in Naples. The fact that the city is rough around the edges and has lawless parking (like Athens, for one other example) does not place ordinary tourists in danger of crime. Traffic is a big danger too, in any European city. How many people know that 150-200 pedestrians die in New York City traffic every year?

My zippered belt pouch (outside my clothes) was picked in Rome, nowhere else. I immediately switched to Rick's under-pants pouch, and have never had a problem anywhere for the subsequent 30 years.

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I also stayed at the Hotel Piazza Bellini. It was such a nice calm place to go after a day in hectic Naples.

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Sofitel’s are usually excellent. We stayed in the Chiaia neighborhood near the water at Palazzo Alabardieri. We were pleased with this hotel and it’s location.

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The Piazza Bellini is a very clean and comfortable **hotel in a rather grubby area. The splurge choice is the Albergo Gran Vesuvio, down n the waterfront.

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N. Kingdom, maybe that is why I disliked Naples, if Hotel Bellini was in the grubby area. We were there for just a day and that was my impression.

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One of the most positive and memorable lodging experiences of my life was at Orsini46 B & B in Naples. It was some distance from the museum, but I easily walked there as I did all over Naples. But the B & B is small, 3 rooms of varying sizes, with the owners living on the same floor, with a wonderful breakfast served when you prefer, affordable, and very highly rated, so is often booked up well in advance.

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Yes if Your are meaning about hotel located in Via Carbonara it's the true. Via Carbonara it's not a good street especially from the evening.
You could make a research on booking and visualize the map in the meantime. I would not reccomend to choose accomodation at "Salvator Rosa street" because it's very caotic despite it's close to archaeological museum.

I have been at B&B Al Centro Storico in via dei tribunali. It's a b and b downtown Naples, has a nice terrace where you can get some relax, close to archeological Museum, and via dei tribunali it's in the heart of historic center. The advantage is that is far 15 minutes from Central Station and port.

Please consider also to visit airbnb. Here You can find a lot of options, but mostly have very small rooms, but prices can be interesting.