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Hotel San Francesco -Rome- Dilemma

Hi there,
I hope that any of you can give me some help here. My boyfriend, a couple of friends and I are visiting Italy this September (last week).
Last March I started looking for hotels and I found The San Francesco (Rome). After verifying on their Web site that they have availability for our dates, I sent them a hotel reservation form (Rick Steven’s form) by fax on March 2007.

So far I have not received any confirmation from them. When I checked the Hotel's website last March, their web site showed availability for our days, I called the hotel a couple of times and their personnel confirmed the same thing. By the end of March I called the hotel again and they told me that they received my fax and yes they have availability, but they did not give me a confirmation for my reservation.

I have sent to the hotels a couple of e-mails asking for my reservation status and so far I have not heard anything from The San Francesco hotel.

I don't know what to do, should I forget mi request and assume that my CC is not going to be charged, or should I continue trying to get an answer for them.
Have any of you had the same experience with this particular hotel in Rome?



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