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Hotel room rates Help

It appears that if two people are traveling together and want to share a room and the cost of the room the price is double for two, what it is for one. So a 90 euro room for one person is 180 euros for two people. Is this nuts or what. Am I confused and just dont understand what I am reading. Some one please explain this to me. Thank you soooo much. Peggy

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I'm not sure this is true of many rooms. Some booking services, such as, breaks it out like that, but if you contact them directly (by web or phone) you should get the price breakdown straighter.

I have recommendations for Vernazza, Florence, and Rome, if you want it.

Good Luck!

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Peggy..I haven't come across any hotels that charge double rates like that. Are you sure the 90 Euros isn't the double rate? What service/website are you using?

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The only place we found "per person" pricing was in Great Britain. You can usually tell if you check the "single" price and "double" price. The single is usually less than a double (but not half). Checking would just help you compare so find if it's a per room cost. Also, just ask for a "per room" quote.

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Most hotels specify on their website if the room is per person or for the room. Avoid unexpected surprises and ask the hotel to make clear the price.

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Thank you all for contacting me one of you suggested a site to get on and when I did there it was,...price per person. So I am straightened out regarding the pricing. Thanks again Peggy