Hotel room capacity in Italy

As first time travelers to Italy, we will travel with another couple and are trying to find hotel rooms for 4 adults. So far, everything I see is for 1, 2 or 3 for capacity in a room.
I have checked hotels in Rome, Naples, Florence and Venice. All are Starwood properties ie; Sheraton, Westin, Luxury Hotels etc. Any insight?

Posted by ekc
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I have never seen a hotel room in Italy with 2 double beds, IMO because space is at a premium. Depending on the length of time you will be staying you could look into apartment rentals.

Posted by donna
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Hotel Alimandi in Rome has "family rooms." They're large, and have several beds, but don't know if they'd approve of four adults, unless they are your teenaged children. LOL (The four star Alimandi, not the three star Alimandi Tunisi, that one has smaller rooms.)

Posted by Roberto
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I've been in hotels in Italy that had a room with 4 beds, last time it was this past summer in fact. However in all circumstances it was a double bed with 2 twin beds (or two sofa beds). Basically it was a room to accommodate a family of four (one couple with 2 children). But do you absolutely need to be in a Starwood property? The St. Regis and Westin Excelsion (Sheraton is way out of the city) in Florence or the Gritti Palace and the Danieli in Venice (these are the Starwood in those cities) are by far the most expensive in town. Prices are well over 600 or 700 euro a night ($900 and more) for a standard room (I just checked the prices on line for next spring) or much more for a mini-suite. Unless you must absolutely stay in the most regal accommodations in town (Michael Jackson, the King of Pop, always stayed at the Excelsior when in Florence, while Madonna, the Queen of pop, stayed at the St. Regis last June) for the price of a night in those hotels you can easily find a 2 bedroom luxury apartment for a whole week, probably in an even more strategic and central location. But if you'd rather stay in a hotel, rather than an apartment, and you are willing to downgrade to a 4 star hotel, instead of the 5 star hotel like the ones I mentioned, you can definitely find 2 hotel rooms for the price of one at a Starwood. For apartments, you can look here: ( affiliate in Europe)

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Going to, I've pulled up the following options for four adults. In Rome, 514 hotels are available. There are 106 hotels in Venice that say they can do four adults. In Naples, they list 82 options and finally, there are 205 4-person rooms in Florence. Now, depending on when you go, many of these rooms may already be booked. I was surprised to see this many. Most of the rooms are called suites or studios... but it's certainly more options than I expected. I'd agree that most of these hotel rooms would be very small. I'm not sure I'd want to spend time in these "close quarters" in four cities. We often booked 2-bedroom apartments when traveling with friends or our visiting sons... so I would agree that that may be a good option if you are able to stay the minimum required days. Good Luck!

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Thanks to all for the quick replies, suggestions and research. The reason for the Starwood properties is because we want to use starpoints wherever possible as we have been saving the points for this trip. Our friends also have points. We will have to meet and discuss. Lot's of time as we are planning for October 2013. We will also be looking for a timeshare exchange or villa in a 'hilltown'. Currently looking at Soriano Nel Cimino, Palazzo Catalani for a week and hotel hopping for another week in the cities.
Thanks again