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Hotel recommendations for person with disability

I will be traveling to Italy in March and need to limit stair climbing to only when necessary for seeing sites due to a disability. I have RIck Steves' Italy 2009 book and have been checking online information on hotels he says have elevators. What I'm finding (mostly at TripAdvisor) is that there may still be stairs to get to the elevator or the elevator is not really intended for regular use. So, I'd appreciate suggestions for hotels in Florence, Rome, and Venice that either have an elevator that is fairly convenient or have first floor rooms.

Thanks for any help.

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Hi Charlotte: I wish I could give you specific hotels, I hope someone can. In the meantime, I thought I could help by giving you these online resources:Rick's Resources for Mobility Challenged TravelersGraffiti Wall Accessibility PostingsTo browse the above one efficiently, hit Ctrl F and input a search word or term, such as Venice or hotelRick's Easy Access EuropeKeep on traveling!

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Hi Charlotte...The Hotel Campiello in Venice is great. Right off the boat dock at San Zaccaria bridges or stairs to get there.. has an elevator, wonderful breakfast buffet, too.The elevator is right on ground level. Also the showers are new in most rooms and are not in a tub so you would not have to step up and over to get in a tub.Although the Campiello is not cheap- you can get a Steves discount if you pay cash and mention Steves at the time you book.. not after you get there.They also take credit cards.

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We stayed at the Palazzo Cendon Piano Antico in November. They have a lift which I believe went to all floors and they are located about a 5-10 minute from the railway station, with no steps or bridges to cross on the way.
The shower in our room was a an easy access one, don't know if they're all like that.
They have an email address; [email protected]

The hotel was nice, the only criticsm I had of it was that it's a little bit tricky to find, being down a side road off a canal, but once you know that, (which you now do!) you know to look for the building numbers on the walls bseide the canal.

There's lots of good restaurants and bars around there, too.

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Charlotte, sorry, I forgot to say I was talking about Venice. Should always have my morning coffee before attempting to post!!

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In Rome, the Hotel Alimandi on Via Tunisi (the 3-star one, there is another 4-star Hotel Alimandi up the street owned by the same folks) has a ground floor elevator. It's quite small and slow, but works perfectly fine and people used it regularly. As you might expect, this is one of the nicer and slightly pricer RS recommendations. No stairs to the elevator, but there are some stairs to the entrance of the hotel though--probably 5 or so?

In Florence, Hotel Torre Guelfa also has a more modern elevator that will allow you to avoid stairs. There may be one step to cross in the hallway, depending on where your room is. This was not my favorite hotel in Italy, but it is in a good location near the Ponte Vecchio and it is a nice enough hotel (I just found it overpriced for what you got). One advantage of this hotel is that there is no high tub to step into for the shower, which is something else you may have to take into consideration.

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Thank you all (including those who sent messages) for your recommendations. I have made reservations in Venice (Hotel a La Commedia for 99 euros per night vs. the rack rate of 300 euros) and Florence (Hotel il Perseo also for 99 euros per night). I'm fairly comfortable with these choices, but if there's something I've missed that would make these unsuitable choices, please let me know.

Now I need to settle on a place in Rome, but am having a hard time deciding the best area.

I like the convenience of the Termini area, but am a bit leery from the descriptions of it as not the best place to be at night. Since I will be traveling alone, I do need to be in a safe area. Are there certain directions that are safer and more attractive than others? I believe I read that the area north of Termini is better than South.

But ideally I would like to stay near the center of Rome. Any suggestions for that area? When reading "10 minute walk" or "20 minute stroll", is that exaggerated or realistic?