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Hotel near Naples airport?

Hi there, does anyone know of a decent hotel near the airport in Naples, Italy? We will be taking an early flight in June and are looking for something safe, close to the airport and cost-effective. Thanks!!!

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don't have a specific hotel to point you to, but the aiport in Naples is very close to the town I think you would still be alright for an early flight from most places in Naples.

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i dont know if you really have to visit Naples,but i am writing from ITALY where i am in vacation for 2 weeks and heard a lot of scary things about that city,coming among others from my brother who lives in Reggio Emilia.So if you can avoid it do it,otherwise good luck.

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Most tourists do not stay in Naples. Naples is kind of dangerous. If you want to see the real italy with laundry hanging from window to window, little kids with mismatched socks playing stickball in the streets and people talking to people from the street to a third story apartment window then Naples is the place. Don't know of a place by the airport but wherever you stay, be careful. I love and feel safe in most all of italy except for Naples! It can be a little scary!!! It's the poorest city in Italy!

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Hi, thanks for the feedback. We are only going to be in Naples that one night because we are staying in Sorrento and flying home via Naples. I have heard a lot of bad things about Naples, which is why we aren't staying there longer, but we do have to go through there to go home. Thanks.