Hotel in Varrena

We landing in Milan May3 and taking train to Lake Como to stay for two nights. I am assuming that we, (my wife adult daughter and I) will have to take a train to Milan central train station and then onto Varrena. We are looking for recommendations for a hotel.

Posted by Jim
Dallas, Texas, USA
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For us, it is Albergo Milano, and specifically, a room with balcony that overlooks Lake Como. We had a great experience that may never be duplicated, but I will find it hard to try elsewhere. If this interests you, book early to insure its availability. We've never had the pleasure to dine there but intend to; breakfast was enjoyable on their balcony.

Posted by Jim
Dallas, Texas, USA
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Marc, I was a little surprised that you had not received more responses by now. If no one responds today, try spelling the city/village Varenna , and see if you don't get more replies.

Posted by Lola
Seattle, WA
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I would also recommend Albergo Milano. Soome of their lakefront rooms can be booked as triples. I don't know how large the rooms in the main building (where I believe Jim was ) are. My husband and I had the top-floor room in nearby Casa Rossa, lakefront with terrace and kitchenette. This toom is very spacious and would be comfortable for three. Breakfast is still included on th ehotel terrace (and I woudl strongly recommend dining there at least one; the food is excellent and the ambiance/view can't be beat). The only downside to this room is that the terrace has a solid wall, not a railing, which blocks some of the view directly below the hotel. You still get a great view of the lake and all around, and the terrace has a nice table where you can sit and enjoy a beverage from your refrigerator. If Albergo Milano is already booked, take a look at Eremo Gaudio, high above th elake with fantastic views (but somewhat hard to reach if you don't have a car). My boss stayed here a few years ago and raved about it.

Posted by Sheron
Alta Loma, CA, USA
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Marc, here's another endorsement for Albergo Milano! It truly lives up to its reputation! We also had the privilege of staying in a room (in the main hotel building) with a balcony & full-frontal view of the lake. We absolutely loved waking up every morning and taking in the views of the lake and then returning in the afternoon for a rest on the balcony before dinner. Book now if you are interested as they book well in advance. Have a great trip.

Posted by Mike
Columbia, MO, USA
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#4-Book Albergo Milano now with the full balcony view! Incredible experience.

Posted by Alex
Longmont, CO, USA
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Loved eating at the Milano and have to admit the location is great. We opted for the Eremo Gaudio and really loved it. The Eremo is a little walk outside Varenna (about 10 min) Views are spectacular. You can get a cab at the train station to take you there or opt to walk like we did...about 20 minutes walk. Varenna is wunderbar no matter where you stay.