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Hotel in Florence - if price were no object?

If price were no object, what would people on this board say is the nicest, most magnificent, grandest hotel in Florence? I'm considering splurging for an important aniversary coming up, but want to make sure I spend (waste?) my money as smartly as possible...

Has anyone on this board ever stayed at the Savoy? Excelsior? Grand? Other?


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Also consider the location. Some nice residences have magnificent interiors and lobbys out of character with the surrounding neighborhood. I do not know the area well enough to make a suggestion, however.

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We stayed at the Hotel Plaza Lucchesi. It is a beautiful hotel, on the River, next to the library, just down from Ponte Vecchio.

It was our first trip to Italy and paid for by my husband's dad!

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If you want a grand experience close to Florence, you can stay at the grand hotel in Siena. It's the most pricy and elegent hotel I have ever stayed at.

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The Hotel Savoy. By far this was the best hotel we stayed at and we stayed at all 5 star hotels. The location couldn't be beat, the concierge staff was the most superb I have had anywhere and the rooms were wonderful, clean and cool. I couldn't have asked for a more perfect hotel!