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hotel Casa Rabatti Florence

Does anyone have the correct email add for this hotel?? The one in Ricks book goes straight to an Italian language site and looks like a newspaper or some Italian equiv. of Yahoo maybe. Would really appreciate any help Thanks

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Not sure how an e-mail address would go to a website....have you had your e-mails bounce back to you? One I found has the e-mail as If not, there's a travel agency in Florence that books local accommodations, and they work with Casa Rabatti. You can find it at

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Its a big mystery isnt it,..... how would that happen do you think. Nor could I persuade the site to convert to english so I tried your other address and got a booking for casa rabatti that I filled out and emailed. Hopefully we will get a response. Seems odd to be in Ricks book and an obvious favorite and not have an easily accessable email add or a website. Oh well thank you so much for the other add maybe it will work.