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Horseback riding

We will be staying at a villa near Chiusi for the last week of June & would like to ride for a day. Does anyone know who to contact and/or where to go to get more info? I'm a very experienced rider but my husband is a novice so we'll have to take that in consideration. Thanks for any help!

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Jen, Thanks for your reply. I too found the rides that last a week or so, but I just want a 1 day type ride. I've googled with no luck. My brother lives outside of London & I think he's going to call the villa owner to get info on the nearest stables. If he finds out anything, I'll be sure & post it here. Thanks again!

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I've been looking for the same thing...though not sure where in Italy I'd like to ride. :-)

It seems through doing Internet searches that there are 1.) plenty of companies doing week-long "riding vacations" or 2.) that villas/hotels have horses or list horseback riding nearby. While I can't give you specifics on Chiusi, perhaps ask the villa you are staying at if they know of any day rides in that area? Or just do an Internet search for "horseback riding Chiusi Italy."