home base for Verona, Venice

In May, we will be traveling by train from Lake Como to the Veneto region and want to pick one place to stay at for 4 days/3 nights while we explore Verona and Venice. Padua,Vicenza, and Verona are all options for us. According to RS, all are nice places. Just wondering what others have done and would do again and if you had a great little B and B or family run hotel you enjoyed and would recommend. Thanks

Posted by Andrea
Sacramento, CA
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I haven't been to Padua or Vicenza, but I quite enjoyed Verona. I would definitely return there. I stayed in an apartment that is no longer available to rent, so I can't recommend anywhere specific

Posted by Dave
san francisco, CA, USA
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Nancy, If this will be your first time to Venice, then I recommend staying there. Yes, it's expensive, but waking and going to sleep there is an experience in itself! Then, spend an afternoon and evening in Verona. That will give you time there to see Juliet's house, take the little sightseeing tram ride and explore the very nice shopping area downtown. We stayed a night in Verona en route from the Cinque Terre. We stayed in a 4 star hotel for just 80 euros, but we were not in the tourist area, so had to take a cab from the train station to the hotel, then back into downtown and then back to the hotel, then back to the train the next morning. Expensive. If you do want to stay a night in Verona en route to Venice, then I recommend staying near the town center. Dave

Posted by Sam
Green Bay
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Padua is really nice. Stayed 2 days in May. Scrovegni Chapel is the highlight here, be sure to get a reservation. The University, central market squares, St Anthony Shrine all worth seeing. Stayed at the Fagiano, which is in the RS book and there was even an RS group there when we stayed, small, friendly and room decores are unique. Its near the St Anthony shrine and a block from the tram stop that runs to the center of town and the train station. They have a good Padua Card pass to cover transport and museum entry fees. Easy to get to the train station on the tram. Great neighborhoods for walking, cafe sitting.

Posted by Robert
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We stayed in Verona for four night in Spring 2012. It was an excellent home base. We day tripped to Venice and Padua. We stayed in the center of town near the arena. It was expensive but an excellent location. We loved the city it was an excellent home base.

Posted by Michael
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We really loved Verona as well, but if you've never been to Venice, I would encourage you to stay there and daytrip out a couple of times if desired.

Posted by Larry
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Another vote for Verona. We stayed at the Hotel San Marco for 4 days in October. It's about 3 blocks from the Arena.

Posted by Chani
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The best times to be in Venice are before 9-10 a.m. and after 5 p.m. when the day-trippers have returned to their ships. You will have trouble with that if you aren't staying in Venice. I love Verona and I haven't been to Vicenza (and only briefly in Padua). I would encourage you to stay one night in the heart of Verona, then 2 nights in Venice. You could even just pack an overnight bag for Verona and leave the rest of your luggage in storage at the train station if that makes it easier. Google Verona Card to get an idea of what there is to see there. The only place I'd skip is Juliet's House, pretty corny, and the Roman theatre, not the Arena - which is a must-see. There's enough to fill the better part of 2 days. But with only 4, I would spend one in Verona and the rest in Venice.

Posted by Frank
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I've stayed in Venice and Verona and have visited Padua and Vicenza. If this is your first trip to the Veneto, then I too would suggest using Venice as your base. You can day trip while Venice is crowded and enjoy it while it's not. Train connections to all 3 of the other towns are excellent. If you opt for a town in between, then I'd suggest Padua. Vicenza is lovely, but a bit too quiet for my taste.

Posted by Nancy
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Thank you everyone for your helpful recommendations. I appreciate your time and energy to respond.

Posted by karren
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I love Verona. I stay at the Hotel Aurora right on the Piazza del Erbe. It overlooks the piazza and is a short walk to the arena. The bus stops in front of the hotel. It is a short train trip to Venice from Verona. I can recommend dining places and other shopping opportunities...juse send me a private message and I will provide.