holidays in april and may and impact on travel

Was planning to travel to Italy (Rome, Venice, Cinque Terre, Florence, Sorrento)for 12 nights mid-late April/early May 2014. Just learned that Easter is April 20th, Rome City Bday is 4/21, Liberation Day 4/25 and Labor day is 5/1. Want to know impact of these holidays on travel experience re: prices, lodging, transportation (mostly train, bus)and closings. Appreciate any guidance...

Posted by Sherry
San Jose, CA
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When I've been there in April/May, Easter was early. The only impact I experienced was in Rome on Labor Day... all public transit was shut down by midafternoon and I had late day reservations at the Borghese. Walked a very very long way before I found a taxi. (actually, I eventually found a nice hotel with a doorman, and he got me the taxi; there were none available on the street) So I'd certainly make plans within easy walking distance on that day

Posted by Mimi
Morrison, CO, USA
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We were in Cinque Terre a few years ago and hadn't realized before hand that it would be an Italian holiday. It was jammed!! Americans aren't the only ones to be there in the summer and holidays. I definitely wouldn't do that again as the trails were so jam packed that it was hard to see the views and the train from town to town was standing room only. Have a great trip!

Posted by Janet
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Only problem we had was in not knowing that Easter Monday was also a holiday. There was no public transportation running from the small town we were in.

Posted by Michael
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One thing we learned this year is that because May 1 is a holiday, May 2 is often a travel day. The airport was busy and all flights were full.

Posted by Rosalyn
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In 2012, we were going to meet up with a group at a villa in Tuscany, on May 5. We planned to go a few days early, to explore southern Tuscany. In the prior November, I found that the best, reasonably-priced places were already booked solid. We are planning a return to Tuscany in May 2014. This week I thought to check on accommodations; and, already, some places are showing little availability! I made a reservation and advise you to do the same for CT and Sorrento, at least. Also, Rome if you will be there before or on Easter. You'll pay high season rates. In addition to the holidays you've mentioned, you should be aware that many European countries have a 2 week spring break for schools around Easter. People from the north flock to sunnier places with their kids. No matter, it's a great time to be in Italy.