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Hip Restaurants/Cafes in Rome for the Younger Set

I'm 28 and will be traveling to Rome at the end of September on my first RS tour. (Yay!)
Can anyone recommend any resturants/cafe/points of interested that a young person like myself can enjoy?
I am hoping that there will be some people close to my age on the tour, but if not, I'd love to find out some places that I can explore on my own (I'm traveling by myself.)


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I can recommend the pizzeria Dar Poeta. It is in the Trastevere, some more info here:( It is a younger crowd, but better for pizza and you have to try the dessert Calzone (Ricotta and Nutella) Wow! Then wander the Trastevere, there are lots of wine bars and cafes that cater to your age group plus the nearby student population.

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Monte Testaccio. Right in the neigborhood of Testaccio, behind the piramide is one club or bar after another. I don't know if I would go on my own, maybe find a kindred spirit on the tour to come along. Testaccio has some great cheap restaurants as well, it is considered a "true" Roman neighborhood.
Otherwise, try Campo dei Fiori in the evening, or Via del Governo Vecchio, which leads to Piazza Navona. All these places have good restaurants, pizzerias, cafes, or bars. Trastevere in also good, as crowded at night as it is during the day, mostly young people out for a night. Lots of pubs, restaurants, shops, and a movie theater which shows English language films. And remember, Italians (especially Italian men) are very friendly and may try and talk to you. Don't worry, they don't bite! Have fun!