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Hiking the C/T in late february

Hi, My wife and I will be hiking the C/T in late Feb-any one have any experience or advice for this time of year-also good B&bs and restaurants!
Thanks Bob

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In 2005 we hiked the CT around the third week of Feb. We encountered rain and snow; however, there was hardly anyone else on the trails or in Vernazza. Snow apparently is rare in this area. Trails were closed due to the snow but we adjusted our schedule for the one day. We stayed at Rooms Martina - basic but clean.

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Hiking the trail in Feb will be a challenge due to the unpredictable weather.

My wife and I spent a week in an apartment in Vernazza and hiked selected parts of the trail, riding the train to each village.

Some parts are difficult and time-consuming because of lack of proper maintenance.

You may find it too long to consider all of it. Once you hike a few kms you may find it pretty much the same and drop off.

Finding a restaurant for us was usually asking someone for a recommendation wherever we were at meal time.

We didn't use RS book, but I am sure if you research it, you will find suggestions.

I browse travel guide books at my library and copy names of places I want to visit.

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Hi, I'm writing from Manarola, 5 Terre.
I can suggest to have a look to this site about the Cinque terre.
About the trails: the advice of Carl is somehow correct about the weather, but except in case of very heavy rain, the 75% of the Blue Path should be open. the only part probably closed can be Manarola-Corniglia; but there's an alternative, very suggestive itinerary from Manarola to Corniglia through Volastra, a little town above, not much longer ( 2 hrs total) than the more "commercial" low path.
See this page for tips on hiking the 5 terre.