hi! need help urgently with italy travel.

sorry to sound so desperate. we were planning a trip sometime in june but have to change it ti may 16th. well we fly to london for a day. we had intended on visiting lake como area and dolomites specifically during this trip. i am kinda having a hard time on deciding where to go. i thought it was going to be london to venice on 18th of may and go to bellagio the same day. spend a night in bellagio and then head to some place beautiful in dolomites.now from my internet research, it looks like if i fly to milan from london, i will probably get to lake como area quickly. and then i am questioning whether we should really stay in bellagio. reason we are travelling with an infant and looks like we have to take a ferry to bellagio once we get to the train stations in como. is that right. we are looking for convenience as well.and don't mind if we can station at some place in lake como easy to set a base and then go to places like bellagio. please correct me if i am wrong. next my big question is how to get to teh most beautiful part of dolomites and where to stay keeping convenience in getting to the place like direct access by train and also beauty. we don't mind taking a taxi if its a short ride from train station but takinga boat with baby, stroller and a suitcase will not be fun. so please advise where to go next from lake como to the dolomites so we can make our way to venice on may 21st and head back to usa on may 22nd.
any advise, suggestions will be greatly appreciated. thanks in advance!

Posted by Amanda
Raleigh, NC, USA
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If you fly into Milano, you can take a train to Milano Centrale from the airport. From there you can catch a train up to the Lake Como area; if you stay in Varenna, on the east side of the lake about half way up, that is one of the train stops. You can take the mid-lake ferry and see Bellagio and other small towns and sights on the lake. I can't answer any of your questions about the Dolomites, sorry.

Posted by Sam
Green Bay
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Yes, I think Varenna is a good option for Lake Como. As far as the Dolomites are concerned, given the logistics of baby and luggage, you should shoot for Cortina D'Ampezzo. There is no train service into the most beautiful parts of the Dolomites, but there is a good direct bus from Venice Mestre train station. When you return, the bus takes you back to Venice Mestre and then its just a 10 minute train ride across the causeway to Venice. The mountains in Cortina are very spectacular. The town has many nice hotels and a pretty main street for your passeggiata with the baby & stroller.
I can't help but think there is a lot of traveling here for only 5 days. I would consider dropping Lake Como and just doing the Dolomites and Venice. You will not have very much time there. It sounds like you get there one day and have to leave the next morning.

Posted by Jim
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Please give Varenna and Lake Como more than just a few hours. I'm uncertain of the weather in May, others will give their opinion. You will love Varenna and Bellagio but at this late date you may have a little trouble getting the Hotel you desire. Rick S. guidebook gives you some viable choices plus check out TripAdvisor Varenna forum.

Posted by Roberto
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If u don't plan to rent a car I would stick with Lake Como. I've always had a car visiting the Dolomites and frankly I couldn't imagine visiting the area without one. Has anyone here done that? I don't think I've known anybody that has visited the Dolomites relying on rail and buses, and with a toddler?

Posted by saraswati
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Thanks everyone for your valuable suggestions. I understand we can't rely on public transportation. We are not renting a car but I was wondering if anybody knew of renting a car with driver. We have decided to extend our trip from may 18th to may 24. Will fly back to country on 25th. Figured it was ridiculous to spend so much money and not be able to relax and enjoy. So we will set our base in cortina once in Dolomites and try to visit places around .anyone knows of companies that offer private cars with drivers/ chauffeurs? Thanks once again everyone!

Posted by Andrea
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Since you have a baby with you, my advice is to go to just ONE location and soak it all in instead of hauling yourself all around. You'll enjoy it so much more! And of course you will be back so you don't have to see "everything" this trip! Forget Venice with a stroller. I did that and hated it. Totally impossible with the bridges. Save that for toddler days! xo