Help with Rome planning

We have some plans in place for 5 nights in Rome and need help to see it this plan might work. Arrive Rome 7:30 am -Thursday after direct NY- Rome flight -Possible 3 or 4 pm tour of Vatican ( we will use audio guides - no formal tour as we are travelling with 11 yr old grandson) Friday - morning underground tour of Coliseum and then Palatine & Forum Saturday - Ostica Sunday - Day of the Republic Holiday - parade -afternoon for Trastevere and Ghetto
Monday - Wander the city - Spanish steps, Plaza Navona and Campo de'Fiori I am not sure whether this is doable or whether it is in the best order for walking from place to place. Any suggestions would be very helpful as I want to book entrance in advance. Thanks

Posted by Lexma
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On your arrival day, I've suggest spending as much time as possible outside. So possibly the Forum, and maybe also the Palatine, on your arrival day. When we took our 10yo daughter on her first trip to Italy, and she love history, we spent quite a bit of time at the Coliseum (underground part was not open at that time) and the Forum. After that, she was done with ancient history for the day, and we didn't make it to the Palatine Hill. The Palatine is the most ruinous part, so if you're going to skip anything, it should be that. A church that's very interesting and great fun, especially for kids, is San Clemente. It's a series of churches built on top of each other, and the bottom-most levels are a Mithraic temple and a Roman house, and you can visit all of the levels. Spending on where your hotel is, you will likely spend time in Piazza Navona, Campo de' Fiori, by the Pantheon and even up and down the Spanish Steps (very anticlimatic, IMHO) just in the course of the day, and definitely prior to your last day in the city. Day of the Republic sounds great, especially in Trastevere!

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You might enjoy taking the ectric minibus #116 - it has less than a dozen seats plus standing room so your grandson will have a better chance at a view. Its route goes through the smaller streets if the historic center where the big buses don't fit, and goes out to Galleria Borghese and the park (lots of opportunities to run off some energy. There's also a great view from the Pincio and a footpath down to Piazza del Popolo.