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Help with March itinerary

We're booked to visit Northern Italy from March 15 to March 24 (actual time in country) and could use advice on the best wsy to spend 10 days. Most of our travel will probably be by train/bus. Our base is Vincenzia, though we're open to a couple of overnights. I've been looking at all sorts of facinating trips - Venice, for sure, Venona, Padua, Treviso, Italian lakes area, Milan, etc. I'm wondering how passable the mountain areas are in March. Any thoughts on treasures not to be missed? Lisa, Moline, ILL

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I should have added - we're flying in and out of Venice. I'm thinking at least a day in Milan. Any help appreciated! Lisa, again

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Lisa, we can be more helpful if you let us know what interests you most. Meanwhile, I suggest you get the Cadogan Guide, "Northeast Italy." It has loads of detailed information on places that are overlooked by other guidebooks.

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Rosalyn, The answer is - just about everything! Love food and wine, so Bologna/Parma is looking pretty good. There's some wine roads that look interesting, but I'm not sure they're seeable without a car - and I'm wondering about the wisdom of heading into the Dolomites in March.

I spend a lot of time with a camera in my hand, so natural wonders/scenery are always a thrill. And any museum, anywhere, is usually something I have to be pried out of. History/archeology/architecture are passions. Music, art, you bet. My friend that I'm traveling with is also interested in Agriturismo stays. About the only thing that leaves me cold is high fashion shopping - I'd prefer to spend my travel dollars on experiences, though I usually try to go home with at least one thing that's indicative of the place. Thanks for the travel guide tip.

As another help, my friend and I are staying with her relatives in Vincenzia who are stationed there. Most of our time will be based out of there, doing day trips. But we are open to a few days of overnight accommodations elsewhere. Thanks!

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Even though you are going in March- check into the Dolomites - see Ricks Italy book on this- also loved Treviso- we stayed in a small town called Fumane and travelled by car to Lake Garda- lovely area.

As the previous poster said it would help to know what your interest are.

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It is only ten days. Dont try to rush too much. 2-3 days Venice, 2 days Sirmione on Lake Garda or 3 days Como, then day trips form Vincenza such as Bologna, Ravenna, Verona or Padua. Then leave out of Venice is what I would recommend.

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I loved Verona and Venice. Milan I was less enthused about, though I thoroughly enjoyed the museums at Castello Sforzesco and seeing La Scala and the Duomo.

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Last March we flew to Milan and spent a couple days there then took the train to Venice. We've been to Italy several times in March and it is a great time to visit--no heat, no crowds.

Most memorable was going to the top of the Duomo in Milan (there are stairs, but I had a bad case of plantar fasciitis, so the elevator was it for me) and looking out at the city and Alps. It was the coolest thing to be standing there on the roof of the massive Duomo and listening to the wind moaning through the church spires! We stayed at the Hotel Berna--the breakfast buffet there is unbelievable! Everything a person could want.

The train ride from Milan to Venice was the next best thing--looking out at the snow covered Alps was breathtaking--we rode alongside them for over half the trip! We even saw some marble quarries.

It was our second visit to Venice and it is full of wonders. There is so much to see but really, the city, itself is the museum and we just took it all in. St. Mark's square is spectacular of course, but the other campos are fun to visit because they offer a view of the more typical Venetian life. And the food is cheaper. . . !

Padua (Padova to the Italians) has the Scrovengi Chapel with the Giotto frescos. You have to get reservations ahead of time and the visit time is limited to 15 minutes. But worth the trouble, if you love art.

Happy travels! Cheryl