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Help with Itinerary June 2010

Hello all. I am trying to plan a 2 week honeymoon in Italy and need a little bit of help in the number of days per city.

We want to fly into Venice and leave from Rome. Cities we want to visit in between: Tuscany (Florence, Sienna), Verona (if time), Cinque Terre, Positano/Amalfi Coast.

I have heard not to spend more than 2 days in Venice and we want most time in Rome as there is a lot to see. We plan on traveling (besied flying into Venice and out of Rome) by train. Is this suggested? Or would renting a car be more affordable/practical?

Any help with a rough draft of an itinerary or other places to visit would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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I would split it up like this:

2 days in Vencie

train to Florence

4 days in Florence

Daytrip to Sienna

train to Amalfi

2 nights in amalfi coast or positano

train back to Rome

5 nights in Rome

If part of your 14 days includes your travel days then I would bypass Amalfi and save it for your anniversary trip. I would add another night to Florence doing a daytrip to Pisa.


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I propose

Day 1 travel to Venice

Venice 2 days

Florence 3

Day trip to Sienna 1 day

Train to CT 2 days

Train to Sorrento - 1 day

Sorrento - side trip to Capri or Positano by ferry - 2 days

Train back to Rome 3 days

I am assuming you have 14 days plus 2 days travel.

If not I would forgo this time the Amalfi coast as you will surely be back to Italy.

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Hello Matt, David from Costa Mesa CA. We are going June 14 -28. Minus two days of travel that leaves us 13 days. We are doing 4 nights Lake Lugano ( you could do 3 night Venice), then 5 nights in Florence with day trips to Siena, Bologna maybe CT, then 4 night Rome. I imagine you have 12 days in Italy with 2 days of travel. I would pick Venice 2-3 days, Rome 4 days, Florence 3-4 days and one other location 2-3 days.

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I agree with Donna, give the Cinque Terre a miss and head for Sorrento/Positano/Amalfi Coast instead.

Sorrento was beautiful, but I was less than impressed with the CT. Also in June the sea will still be very very cool. Amalfi Coast is much further south and the water will be a bit warmer...but still cool.

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Guess I'm in the minority here, but I think Venice is much more romantic than Florence. On a honeymoon, I'd go for 3 days in Venice. Florence is art, art, art, but the city is the least picturesque of all Tuscany.

I loved Verona, and highly recommend spending a day there.

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I agree with Chani...for honeymooners (or even non-honeymooners) - I would give Venice 3 nights and less to Florence.

Venice is gorgeous, relaxing and fun to explore. Lots of things to do there.

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Thank you all. I got a lot of good options as far as where to go/not go and for how long. We are going to also go talk to a travel agent to see what works best for out budget. Thanks again.

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Matthew, if you have not seen them, go to one of the Major book stores--( (
( try Vromans on Colorado Blvd, Pasadena) and look and Rick Steves 2010 "Italy" and "Venice"--lots of his first hand up to date ideas for travel, sleeping, eating and touring.
Wish you both the best!