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Help using credit on Trenitalia ‘s site

We have credits from a May 2020 cancelled trip that I am trying to use to purchase train tickets. I am having trouble and wondered if anyone else had successfully done this.

Does anyone know what to use for the “anti fraud code”?

Under payment, I click “use a bonus/credit gift card.

Then the screen says enter a bonus or gift card or select one from list. My list appears but I cannot click on it. So I copied a code into the identifier box but then I can’t go further without an anti fraud code.

Anyone have any ideas what the anti fraud code is or how to find out?

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Have you tried using the "Chat" function when you click on "Support". Might have bounce back and forth with google translate.

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That is a good idea! Thanks. I also found out that gift cards have 19 numbers-some of which are the fraud code. Perhaps the bonus credit is the same. But of course what I saw doesn’t tell you how many numbers each is!

Will try tomorrow.

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I hope you are using the English version of and not the google-translated one.

I doubt your voucher is still valid if it's grayed out, but the customer service via chat will know for sure

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Well, that didn't end well. I was using English version of Trenitalia's website and it said online that credits were valid until November of this year. When I went on Goggle browser to try to use the translate function, I had to change my password because I didn't know what it was. It had been saved on the browser I had been using. When I changed my password, all the credits disappeared. It was like 500 Euros worth as I had bought train tickets in 2020 for 7 people.