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Help understanding ferry schedule for Como area and car rental in Como..

I am trying to book a car for our trip from Como to Tuscany. We will be staying in Bellagio and will have to get to Como to pick up the car. However, if I am reading the schedule correctly on this website:
there is a boat like at 8 am and then not another until 11 am. I find that hard to believe, so, I'm curious if I might be reading something wrong. I just am trying to figure out what time to tell them we will be picking up the car. Also, if anyone knows how far the car rental place is from the ferry dock, that would be helpful. Thanks!

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The ferry to Como is generally a commuter/worker used ferry so it is poss that schedule is few. we took it around 8am also from Varenna to Como picked up our Avis rental about four blocks from your rental agency for location or use Avis.

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I took a boat from Como to Bellagio for the day and had about 4 boats to choose from going there, (the slow boat takes 1.5 hours). On the return, there were 3 boats returning starting just after lunch, but one boat (the fast hydrofoil) was cancelled because it broke down. So it I believe that you are correct.

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There's also buses that run from Bellagio to Como. I looked it up once but don't remember the site. Just google bus schedule from Bellagio to Como and you should find it.