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HELP! Siena Avis and Train Station

Hi, I hope someone out there can help. I've been all over the internet and Rick's books and can't find any help. We are renting a car at Avis in Siena and touring Tuscany for a few days. On the day of the car return we have an early train 8:40am from Siena to Naples. Avis doesn't open until 8:30am if on time.
1. How far is it from Avis to the Siena train station? is there a bus? taxi? will we make it? there are 2 of us for this task.
2. How far is Avis from Il Campo---bus? there are 5 of us for this task. I have maps but no clue as to scale and can't find Avis's address.
Grazie Mille!

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Thank you guys--this is really a big help-sincerely! I haven't purchased any tickets or reservations yet... IF Avis has a drop box (and I can't find any way to find that out) I'm in heaven and will drop key and make that 8:47 (which gets me into Naples 2 hours earlier). If Avis does not have a drop box, the 9:40 is my backup.

I was planning on buying my ticket at the TI in Siena before I pick up the car--but can I buy the 9:40 and take the 8:47 if I make it? So confusing! All help greatly appreciated! This is just the most helpful forum.

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Call the Avis 800 number. They can probably tell you if there's a drop box at their Siena location. If not, you could call, or ask your hotel to call, the Siena Avis location a day or 2 in advance of drop-off to check. Because some of the trains you plan to take require reservtions and have different prices, you will not be able to buy tickets for the 9:40 train (includes an ES) and then if running early just get on the 8:47 train (includes the more expensive high-speed ES).

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Cat, It's great that you don't have your train tickets yet. Another suggestion on the train. You are correct that if you take the 9:40am train, you will arrive 2hrs later in Naples than if you took the 8:47 train. (By the way, the 9:40 is a bus/train. The bus goes back to the Florence train station). However, if you wait 10 minutes and take the 9:50 bus/train, you will cut 30 minutes off that 2hrs. Trenitalia has a bus that departs the Siena train station at 9:50. It goes to the Chiusi train station where you transfer to an IC train going to Rome. At Rome, you transfer to a Eurostar to Naples. A couple of train changes but you save 30 minutes AND 18.20Euro on the fare for leaving 10 minutes later. (It's less expensive to ride buses and IC trains than it is to ride the newer Alto Velocito trains).

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Let me see if I can help. In Siena Avis address is 36 Via Simone Martini. It is about five minutes from the train station. You are going to need a taxi - I think it is too far to walk with luggage. No, you won't make a 8:40 train.

Since Avis is outside the wall I think you will need a taxi to get there from the Campo.

There is another train about an hour later that you can make.

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I'm looking at the Trenitalia website and the train from Siena to Naples leaves at 8:47 and not 8:40. Still, I agree with Henry that you will need a taxi to get to the train station on time. There's also a local bus that runs regularly between the city wall and the train station but you would have to be really lucky to make that work on time. Your train goes back to Florence where you change to a high-speed train from Florence to Naples.

If you have your tickets in advance (you should have two), the ticket from Florence to Rome has a date, time, train number and seat assignment. If you miss this train, I hope that you don't have a non-exchangable and non-refundable ticket. If you have a full fare ticket, I believe that you have up to 3 hours after the train departs to get the ticket changed to another train.

If you are seriously concerned, are you able to turn the car in by 7:00pm on the previous day? The Avis office in Siena is open to 7:00pm.

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Never rented a car in Siena, but I would assume they have a drop box for keys. If you get the Super CDW ($0 deductable), I don't see any risk in using it.

In any case, I wouldn't rely on that 8:30am opening time.

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Auto Europe is a consolidator that has contracts with several car rental companies and they will book you with whichever one is the cheapest for your dates. According to their Web site, they offer drop box service in Siena. Unless Avis has a drop box and you can get a special deal with them, I suggest that you book with Auto Europe. Their standard rates are certain to be less than Avis's standard rates.