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help please on planning

hello good evening.
We will be in rome 1/15/2018 arrive by 2pm is it still ok to go to colosseo?
Next day we want to go Assisi and orvieto bu there are no tours available do you have aby suggestions where we can go on our 2nd day
Third day we go to ostia antica in am and meet some family in afternoon then go to transtevere. I am so confused please help.
Thank you

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I am a little confused. Have you been in Rome before? Why the day trips the next day? You don't need a tour, just take the train. See Rome on the second day. What are you confused about? Need better information.

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Yes we have ben to Rome already. This time we want to explore the surrounding areas. Cause so many places to go but such a short time.
thank you very much

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Assisi is about twice as far from Rome as Orvieto in terms of train time--about 2-1/2 hours each way. To me, that's too far for a day-trip. I'd choose Orvieto and plan to visit Assisi during your next trip to Italy.

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If your plane lands at 2, you likely will not be checked into your hotel ( or wherever you are staying) until around 4 and will have little daylight left for sightseeing. Have you checked what hours the Coloseum is open in January?

Spending the evening in Trastevere on your arrival day may be something to consider.

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We will be in rome 1/15/2018 arrive by 2pm is it still ok to go to

If you mean that you LAND in Fiumicino at 2:00 (14:00), have to go through passport control, get into central Rome, check in, get to the Colosseum, buy tickets and get through security, I'd say no. If you made it there before the closing hour of 4:30 (16:30), you'd have so little time that it wouldn't be worth the ticket price.

Interesting that you've been to Rome before but haven't done that one yet; causes me to wonder what else you haven't seen?

IMHO, Assisi is too far and too much to combine with Orvieto for a day trip, especially in winter when daylight is short. Stick to just Orvieto if you feel you must leave Rome at all. You can do that on your own by train.

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If you are flying in, that day will be consumed by getting from the airport to your accommodations. A nice evening stroll and dinner would make it a full day.

Visit Orvieto the next day. Instead of rushing from one place to another, slow down. You can easily spend an entire day in Orvieto. If you feel the need, you could always scoot down to Civita di Bagnoregio. There are reasonable car hires that will take you down to Civita di Bagnoregio, wait for two hours while you explore, then drive you back to Orvieto.

Another possibility would be to take a tour of a local winery in the afternoon. If the weather is nice, plan to stay for the sunset before returning to Rome. Check train timetables.

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Assisi makes no sense with the little time you have. You can take the train to Ostia. The ruins are a short walk from the train station.

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Sorry for the late reply.
Thank you very much to all your inputs it helped me a lot in planning.
Really appreciate all.
Thank you again