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Help planning Solo Dolomites trip


I am planning on flying into Verona and taking the train to Bolzano. I would like to hike to a few huts.

I have no plan and really need some help. I'm a slow but steady hiker, I prefer uphill to down. If I can take a cable car to reach a point I will, I'm not obsessed with hiking.

I am on a 2 month adventure and will have everything in my Convertible Carryon. I've traveled to over 48 countries with it and it has been my trusty steed (I guess in reverse because I'm carrying it, lol). I just don't think I want to hike with it. I'm wondering if I can leave it someplace and just carry a small pack with me.

I plan on using public transportation, as rental cars have become a small fortune.

I would like to continue onto Lake Como for a few days by public transportation as well.

Arriving end of June. Yes, I know accommodations fill fast.

Thank you!!

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Lucky you, there are many books on hut to hut hiking a lot of them are sold in the UK. I have several books and maps by Cicerone Guide and have contacted Tourist Information in Bolzano which sent me lots of maps. Also try Compass guide. Good luck, J