Help planning for 5 days in Rome

We will be traveling to Rome with our 11 yr old grandson. Arrive Thursday May 31, early in the day and leave Tuesday early am. we would like to work in visits to the Coliseum, Vatican, the Jewish synagogue,and Ostia Antica. Sunday June 2 is a national holiday so I need help planning which days would be best for these sites. The rest of the time we will wander Rome. Since we willl be with our preteen, we would appreciate any suggestions as to doing this with the least crowds and arranging the tours of the Vatican and the Colliseum through themselves directly.Thank You so much

Posted by Roberto
Fremont, CA, USA
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June 2 (Anniversary of the Republic-June 2, 1946): there is the annual military parade from Piazza Venezia (Victor Emmanuel monument) to the Colosseum along the Viale dei Fori Imperiali. Probably not the best day to visit Forum and Colosseum. Lots of dignitaries will be there, including the President, the Prime Minister and the entire Diplomatic corps, along with lots of people. Your grandson however might like to see it, there are also the Italian Frecce Tricolori (the Italian equivalent of the Blue Angels) flying overhead. I think they may not have the heavy tanks anymore because the heavy vibrations caused damage to the Romans ruins in the Forum. I think the Vatican museum closes on Sundays too. If you decide to stay near the airport the night before the flight, then the day before would be a good time to visit Ostia Antica, which is close to the airport. Otherwise avoid going to Ostia on weekends. Lots of people go to the beach on weekends in June. Walking around Rome on Sundays would be perfect. Lots of families do so. St. Peter's will be open of course and maybe the new Pope will give you the blessing at Noon.

Posted by Zoe
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The Jewish museum and Synagogue are beautiful, probably best on a Monday. Visit the Jewish Quarter and have a kosher King David Pizza (Pizza Re David).

Posted by Susan
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I took the "hop on Hop off" bus for 3 days in Rome last year and loved it. Borghese was fantastic but going to the Vatican Museum and Sistine Chapel w/Rick Steve's podcast on my i-pod was the highlight of my trip. Don't miss the Museum and Chapel. I actually bought my ticket online at my hotel and they printed it out for me.
Enjoy - great way to escape from your Snow up there; I'm from Albany originally.

Posted by Paul
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Roberto, when you mentioned her grandson might enjoy seeing the tanks, and Barbara wanting to visit the synagogue, I couldn't help but think of Life Is Beautiful!

Posted by Barbara
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SO many reasons to travel for young people - we hope that he gets more out of this trip than just looking at tourist sites.