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Help on Trenitalia booking

Tried purchasing 2 tickets but it says to enter the carriage and seat number. How will I know which ones are available (there are no options)? Or will I just let the computer assign seats for us (but that doesn't guarantee that we'll be together right?) What's the downside of getting amica fares instead of the standard one? Did you have any problems with the ticketless/self-print solution? I also booked thru Thalys' website for our other trip and it requires me to print my confirmation/receipt on A4.. Highly appreciate the help. Thanks!

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Before you finalize your purchase you can see where your tickets (seats) are. I have used the "carriage and seat #" function generally to match up with other people who have booked with me... or if I've booked more than 5 tickets at one time...

One "downside" of Amica tickets is you must purchase them 24 hours in advance. Amica's are about 20% off standard price.

Never had problems using the ticketless function - have self-printed tickets and used that also...

Frankly, I find the Trenitalia website cumbersome and I advise my friends to purchase their tickets at the train stations. You can still get AMICA tickets if they are 24 hours in advance!