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Help on a Rome to Sicily Flight

I am scheduled to arrive in Rome (FCO) from Frankfurt 1 hour and 40 minutes before the last Easyjet flight of the day to Palermo. I arrive on Lufthansa which is in the same FCO terminal as Easyjet. Questions: Is the 1 hour and 40 minutes enough time to make the connection considering customs and baggage claim and check-in? Should I try a Blue Panorama Airlines flight which is 20 minutes later but in a different terminal? Should I just stay in Rome for a night? Any suggestions would be appreciated

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Try flights on Meridiana and AirOne as well. I think you are cutting it too close to make a flight that is separate ticket. I would stay in Rome for the night. If you miss the Easyjet or Blue Panorama flight you are out of luck, the airline is obligated to anything for you. You would have to buy another ticket at the last minute which would be very expensive.

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Mick - personally I would stay the night in Rome, have a lovely morning to wander around and then do a mid-late afternoon flight. We did this on our last trip where we flew into Milan. We arrived about noon and while there was a 2:00 flight to Palermo I just didn't want to take the chance. We headed to the city, had a nice lunch, saw the Duomo, great dinner and hit the sack. We had a very leisurely morning and left for the airport. By the time we got into Palermo it was 4:00 or 5:00 but the EARLIEST we were advised to have dinner was 7:30 so we hit the street for a 2 hour walk around the city, freshened up for dinner and by the time we were in bed we felt like we had had a great introduction to Palermo.

While Milan was never at the top of my list, I was glad that we were there for the night both because we did enjoy the less than 24 hours we had in the city and also because it was nice NOT to start our trip by rushing to make the connection. Of course I love Rome, so if I HAD to stay even just a short night, this would be a perk for me!

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Air One is Star Alliance, which means it should code share with Lufthansa and you may be able to check your luggage through to Palermo. Think you can book through Lufthansa's US reservations, and they could confirm. You'll probably go through customs in Frankfurt, but baggage claim and check-in before Ryan's deadline would be tight. Without checked luggage, you could probably make the connection if Easyjet allows check-in at the gate.