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Help me get to FLR from Manarola CT in May 2019

So, fellow travelers, we leave Manarola CT IT May 30 Thursday 3AM, fly out FLR (Florence Airport) at unfortunate 6:40 AM that morning. Too early for train, private cars/shuttle a bit steep at $320ish. We'd prefer to not go by train the evening before to Florence and have very short stay 6hr in hotel, also I read not allowed to stay overnight at FLR, I do not want to drive myself even if I could. Thinking someone might know someone in Manarola or local cab that could make the run 100 miles 2 hrs. I am using online transfer sites now but hoping for an angle I have not thought of. THX in advance for any assistance.

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Given the early departure time, the only reasonable solution is to travel to Florence the day prior to your flight and stay overnight. If you go there earlier in the day, you will have more than six hours in the hotel. Have a fine hot meal in one of the excellent restaurants, go to bed early and ask your hotel staff to pre-arrange a Taxi to take you to FLR in time for your flight.

Leaving Manarola at 03:00 via private transfer service means that you'll essentially be paying a night at a hotel that you won't be using. You'll be awake pretty much all night and it's going to be a grueling trip.

Your flight is likely one of the first that will be departing that morning, and it will likely be a regional flight to another European airport so there will be a shorter check-in time.

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Have you asked your lodging provider about this?

Otherwise you can do as Ken suggests and go to Florence the evening before OR book a later flight.

Whether the ~$320 car ride is better/worse than the fees to change flights is something only you know.

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Even though you don't prefer it, I'd definitely go with staying in Florence versus the waste of a hotel room in Manarola + cost of private car for a middle-of-night departure. Any way you shake it, car service for that distance, at that hour of the morning, ain't going to be cheap. Spending those $$ for a comfortable last night/sane morning trip to the airport is a no-brainer. There's no way I'd risk being 100 miles away from an early-morning flight.

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Often hotels will have private individuals that will move their guests around for far less than taxi prices. Check with them.

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I agree with others that the best option is to go to Florence in the afternoon, enjoy a nice farewell-to-Italy dinner and get a good night's rest before your flights home. There are huge risks to staying 150km from the airport when you have a 6:40am flight. Something as simple as a flat tire could completely derail your plans.

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There is a Frecciabianca which departs from La Spezia at 8:03pm and arrives at Firenze Campo di Marte station at 9:40pm. No changes after you get to La Spezia.
Once at Firenze Campo di Marte take a taxi to a hotel of your choice in Florence. You can stay in the city center since the airport is only 4 miles from the city center.
Your plan to take a car service on the same morning as the flight is very risky and frankly insane.

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hey kathy
i agree you need to spend night in florence. you are closer to the airport. you feel the $320ish is steep, it will be even steeper if you miss that flight or shuttle/cab doesn't show up at that hour.
like roberto says "it's insane"

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OK, OK, we will go to Florence, thoughts of last Italy sunset and dinner in a village setting dashed. We may check with our Manarola host as suggested, and maybe take that last train out of town. Thank you all for the input. What could go wrong.

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I agree with Ken. Stay in FLR prior to your flight out. It will be way easier logistically and less stress about making your flight.