Help locating/getting to a church

My family and I are going to Italy in August and we are trying to locate a church that has some ties to our family and how we could get there. After some research, we think the church is named Santuario della Madonna Addolorata di Castelpetroso in the Isernia Province. I think we can take a train from Naples to Isernia, but from there I am not sure how we can get to Castelpetroso or Paduli. We would like to use public transportation, if possible. Any help would be appreciated.

Posted by Janet
Colorado, USA
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I have had good luck googling "Autobus" and the names of the towns, i.e., "Autobus Isernia Castelpetroso." I just did that and got a site that looked promising, though I didn't pursue it further. There are almost always buses running between towns that don't have train service; however, sometimes the service is spotty (i.e., no weekends, only very early morning and mid afternoon for schoolchildren, or whatever). Good luck!

Posted by Mario
Lexington, Kentucky, USA
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Thanks Janet for your information on buses. We are still trying to find a way. My wife has sent the church and email asking how to reach them from Naples, but have not heard back from them.

Posted by donna
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Mario, my husband and I have had great luck using our portable Garmin in Europe to find places. I usually am totally against renting a car, but it looks like you will be arriving in either Rome or Naples (?) Maybe you should rent a car OUTSIDE of city, of course, like the Rome airport, taking your portable Garmin and going that route? We have family in a smaller town in the North, and once you get out of the tourist cities, there will be very little English spoken! If they don't answer your emails it may be because they can't translate them! We have an inexpensive portable Garmin that cost @ $90. My husband downloaded the maps of Italy on it, and we used it, not only in Italy, but also in Spain and France, and it worked very well. If you download the maps in the US, you will receive all directions in English. I don't know how good your Italian is, or even if you speak it at all. The first time we went to Italy, we were invited to a Nephew's wedding. It was in a smaller town in the North. NO ONE except the Bride and Groom spoke English, and we felt awkward even though they were so glad to see us! So I got a Pimsleur language program and worked my butt off to learn the language because there was another wedding and I didn't want to be unable to communicate a second time! Have fun and good luck!

Posted by Michael
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The last leg from the town of Isernia to Castelpetroso is only 18 km. You might be able to hire a taxi if you don't want to rent a car. A taxi would probably cost less.