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Help! I can't understand the ferry and hydrofoil schedule!

I bought your book, Rick, and still cannot figure out how to read the ferry and hydrofoil schedule. We are trying to take a medium speed ferry on August 10th from Naples to Positano around 5 pm. We also want to take a high speed hydrofoil from Capri to Sorrento (or Pompeii if possible) on August 15th, for arrival Sorrento (or Pompeii) by 7:30 (or 8:30 am). I referred to metrodelmare and alilaura, as your book suggests, but cannot make heads or tails of it. Please help! - Victoria

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A couple of interesting points about Alilaura and Metro del Mare. Neither show a route from Sorrento to Capri on their route maps. Second, you don't indicate when you want to go to Capri. No way to look for a round trip journey. To get from Napoli to Positano, you want the Metro del Mare boat MM3. You can see the route and timetables on their website. Select Timetables and then High Season. Scroll down and you'll see the timetables. There are not a lot of ferry runs a day so you might not get the times you want.

For hydrofoil service to Capri from Sorrento, there are at least two providers. is one. No timetables on their website. The second provider is Linee Marittime Partenopee ( The site is in Italian only so you have to look for anything that says Orari. On this site look for "linee, orari e tariffe". Then, select the Sorrento-Capri run. You'll see 18 hydrofoil runs a day.

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I can't help with the timetables, but I can say that we recently took the hydrofoil from Sorrento to Naples and then the regular ferry back to Sorrento, and I don't think that the hydrofoil is worth the extra money. It was significantly more expensive and only moderately faster. And, with such a short distance, the extra speed doesn't save that much time.

Just my 2 cents ...