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Help getting to airport in Venice

Help! Unfortunately, we have a 7 am flight leaving Venice and I have no idea how to get to the airport in a timely and safe manner. Has anyone else had this flight and if so, how did you get to the airport?
thank you for any assistance,

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We just left Venice yesterday at 6am. We took a taxi that was arranged by the hotel for $130. It’s expensive, but the only sure bet to get there for an early flight.

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There is a Marriott Courtyard a 5 minute cab ride from the airport. [I don't think it's walkable.] Obviously, you aren't in Venice proper, but you wouldn't have the early morning worry of arriving on time.
Good luck!

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Also, just wanted to add that the rapid test site at VCE doesn’t open until 8am, so be sure to book your Covid test somewhere else prior to your flight.

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I have a similarly timed flight, and I decided to book a hotel near the airport for the last night. We will stow our (small) bags and spend the day in central Venice before heading to the hotel for the night.

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We had a problem when leaving Venice by water taxi early in the morning with the tides. Go stay at an airport hotel the night before. It is better to fly into Venice, not out of it.

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Staying near an airport instead of Venice? Because of tides? Wait... let's stop this now.

The ATVO wheeled bus departs every 20 minutes from Piazzale Roma to the Airport starting from 4:20 (!) AM. Then there are the usual cabs and the City bus #5 all waiting for you in the same lot. It takes 20/30 minutes from there to the Airport.

Light packers can spend the all vacation in the same hotel and enjoy the most beautiful night stroll in the world from there to Piazzale Roma. All the others could just move to an hotel facing Piazzale Roma (instead of one facing the control Tower) just for the last night and enjoy one last evening in Venice.

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I had a similarly early flight out of Venice three years ago. I researched the vaporetto night schedule (folks have discussed it on this forum quite recently). The desk clerk at my hotel (which was an easy walk to a vaporetto stop) also had a copy of night vaporetto and bus schedules. I took the vaporetto to Piazzale Roma, got on the ATVO bus (or maybe it was the other bus; again, schedules are available online) and arrived at the airport in plenty of time for my super-early flight. I actually loved the experience of riding the night vaporetto so early in the morning, before the sun was up and few people were around. The lights from palazzi on the water of the Grand Canal was mesmerizing; the quiet of the city was lovely and even meditative. It was a wonderful way to say arrivederci to Venice. The bus was easy, on time, and I just bought my ticket on the bus.

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Can you change your flight to leave from a different city at a later time?
Flights from Venice all seem to be very early unfortunately, in order to connect to onward flights to N. America.
Also: reiterating what Dario said.
There have been early flights from Venice for years....the transport to get there DOES leave Venice itself in plenty of time.

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Ditto for what Dario said. We have stayed in Venice many times, and the bus to the airport is the way to go (as spelled out above). It's quick, easy, and will most definitely get you there on time. All you have to do is walk to the stop with your luggage or stay your last night near it. (We stayed at Antiche Figure and was less than a five-minute walk). If you have hoards of luggage, you will have to go up and down some steps. If that is the case, as Dario said, stay close to the bus stop your last night. We had an early morning flight like you, and it worked out great and was very inexpensive -

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Questions--How many in your group? And how much luggage?

Otherwise, I add my agreement to what Dario said, the bus works fine. I've had earlier flights than yours (06:20-06:30) on a couple of occasions and simply walked to Piazzale Roma and took the first ATVO bus, which got me to the airport around 04:40. One of those walks was from beyond San Zanipolo, took about 30 minutes, but I pack light and was travelling solo.

Now, if there are more than say, 5 people, in your group, then the economics of the water taxi starts to look better. It's hands-down the most exciting way to get where you're going, but it obviously comes at a cost.

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We have used the bus to the airport from Piazzale Roma (just across the footbridge from Santa Lucia train station), frequent runs and inexpensive, I think about 8 euros each way. We bought our tickets online and printed them ahead of time, just showed up and presented the tickets to the bus driver, same for coming from the airport into Venice. You should be able to find info online.

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Dario is right on. We had a hotel close to Piazzale Roma knowing our flight left at 7am to Prague. We caught the 4.40am bus to the airport and even had time for a couple of cappuccino's before boarding.

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Dario is spot on. We stayed at the Hotel Arlecchino, a few minutes walk to Piazzale Roma. I could see the buses from my window. Great hotel. Be sure to let your hotel you're checking out so early and pay the room tax.