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Help from Rome Termini to Ciampino Airport

Hi there!

We are taking a train back from Naples to Rome Termini station. From there we need to get to Ciampino Airport.

What is the best way, and is it a long journey?
Should we grab a taxi?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!


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We took a bus from Termini to the airport - I believe it was about a 45 minute trip and only like €4 or €5. There are several different bus lines that leave from termini - we took the COTRAL. Not a problem to find. There is also a Terravision bus that leaves from Termini and runs on a timetable that coincides with EasyJet/Ryanair flights. That one is about €6-8 euro each way.

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Oh Jennifer

Thank you so much!

That is exactly what I needed to know!

Terravision is the bus I had heard about going out of Rome - and wasn't sure about returns.

We are flying on Ryanair back to London - so that will be absolutely perfect!

Thanks again!

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When I did a search for transportation for you I found this comment: There is no direct train connection from Ciampino Airport to Termini station in Rome.
But there may be a bus.

If I were you I would find the Tourist Information Office at the Termini and ask which is the cheapest way to get to the air terminal. Avoid a taxi if possible.

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Thanks Carl - I appreciate your effort!

I tried too, and couldn't come up with anything either.

Why do you say to avoid a taxi?

Is it because of cost?

Because by that point - I think we will be exhausted and just want the most convenient option.

(We are leaving from Sorrento so we would have had the commute from Sorrento to Naples first - AND our flight is not untill 10:30pm - so a long day!

Thank you again for your help!


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If you arrive on a charter flight at Ciampino Airport (tel. 06-65951), you can take a CoTral bus (tel. 800-150008 within Italy), which departs every 30 minutes or so for the Anagnina stop of Metropolitana (subway) Line A. Take Line A to Stazione Termini, where you can make your final connections. Trip time is about 45 minutes and costs 1€ ($1.20). A taxi from this airport to Rome costs the same as the one from the da Vinci Airport , but the trip is shorter (about 40 min.).

Just read this in reverse

taxi from da Vinci airport to the city costs 45€ ($54) and up for the 1-hour trip, depending on traffic. The expense might be worth it if you have a lot of luggage or just don't want to bother taking a train. Call tel. 06-6645, 06-3570, or 06-4994 for information.

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Jennifer is right. Take the Terravision bus from the train station, it will cost you about 7 - 8 euros. This company serves Ryan Air. Their buses are parked in a back street around the train station. Ask someone and they will show you. I have taken this bus and there was no problem. You can even buy the bus tickets for the London trip ahead of time at the Ciampino airport and pay in euros.
There is indeed a train service from Termini to Ciampino (used it two weeks ago in Rome). However, you will still need the bus outside the train station to go in the airport. Avoide all that and take Terravison bus straight to the arport.

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Perv -

Thank you so much for the advice!

I can not access the Terravision web-site from my desk at work - I must remember to look when I get home.

Thank you all for your help!!