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help finding room in Varenna Italy for Sept.

We are hoping to spend two nights in Varenna in early Sept. but are having a little trouble finding a room...does anyone know of a hotel booking office there? Or another website that might work to book a room? We're waiting for a couple of replies..but I'm a little worried. thanks for helping out! Tom and Sherry

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I assume you've tried all Rick Steves recs and they are full. I don't know any others but you've probably done google searches so you may have to book in Bellagio or Como.

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I, too, am going to Varenna in early September. The only place I could find that had rooms was the Eremo Gaudio up on the mountain. It has GREAT reviews on Trip Advisor, albeit reportedly the walk is either wonderful or dreadful, whichever way you look at it. At first I was insistent on staying in the village, but now I am excited about the hotel with the view.

My backup plan was to go to Bellagio if I couldn't find anything in Varenna. Bellagio has a lot more options. Other than that...sorry I don't have better suggestions! Good luck. :-)

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Try Hotel Montecodeno. We stayed in an apt they had during 2004. Good Luck.

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Thanks to everyone for helping out...we just received an email from Hotel du lac and were able to book a room with them. Can't wait! Tom and Sherry

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We stayed at Hotel du lac last week. It was incredible! Right on the water and the breakfast was delightful watching the boats, birds, and just enjoying the scenery. It's a great hotel. Varenna does not have alot to offer but rest and relaxation. What more could you ask for? I can't say enough about the hotel or Lake Como. I'm so glad a co-worker recommended it. Enjoy your time there!

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We stayed at Ermio Gaudio and it was excellent.High above the lake.